Ever since online casino starts gaining popularity, developers starts finding ways to expand the online casinos to other platforms. With the rise in smartphone usage, developers have started developing casino for mobile phones. Currently mobile devices comes with top of line hardware which can compared with computer hardware. These devices are powerful enough to provide great experience while playing an casino on your mobile device. You can even deposit by mobile device.

With the rise in Mobile Casino Platforms, players can play their favorite games on the go, anywhere and anytime. Players don’t need to have a dedicated computer just play games. These benefits of smartphones makes perfect options for casino websites. They are focusing on the development and increasing the engagement of the users on Mobile Casinos.

As a players it is quite confusing which platform to choose. In our guide, we will tell you how to choose the best mobile casino platform in India:

There are two types of Mobile casino platforms. One of the type is flash casino which you can play via browser without downloading the app while the other type is App based mobile casino. Both types of platforms has their own advantages.

Flash Casino:

These type of online mobile casinos can be played directly via your phone browser. These online games are flash based and can be played on your device browser easily. You don’t to download the app, you just need to visit the website and start playing right away. However you may need to log in again and again on the website again as browser may log you out on the website.

App based Mobile casino:

Mobile App based are the most popular platform among players as it comes with many features and advantages over browser bases games. App bases mobile casino platforms offers rich user experience and provides more features compared to other types. You can check top mobile platforms on www.indiacasinoinfo.com.

Application based mobile casino can be played by downloading the app on your Android or iOS running device. All you need is to visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the selected mobile casino app. If you are finding it hard to find the app of the website on which you play then you can simply visit the online casino website and select the mobile app option on the homepage. On selecting the option, the website will redirect you to Google Play Store or Apple store. After that you will be to download the app easily.

Things to consider before choosing best Mobile casino platform:

Whenever you choose any mobile casino app, make sure to check the security of the website. As you might play with real money and to play with real money, the website will ask for your personal details and bank details for payouts. So check that the website uses proper encryption and has proper security in place.

Several top casinos provide welcome bonus when you first sign up with provider. Many website also offers free slots and welcome bonus so that you can get some extra money while playing after you have learnt the game properly. Top Mobile casinos also provide free spins without making any deposit for the first time, this bonus will allow you to try out the games before loading the money.

Before selecting any mobile casino app, check the deposit methods available. Check which payment methods you can use and which payments methods the website provides. There are several deposit methods like UPI, Debit Cards, Credit card, Net Banking, Wallets. Check for payment methods supports. Also check payment methods for payouts. There may be different payout options on different apps, so select best app which has numerous options available for payouts.

Check the reviews of the mobile casino before making any deposit. Also check for years of operation as this indicate that the platforms which you have chosen is reputed. Beware of any fake or new scam casino websites which winds up operations after taking the initial deposit. Be cautious before proceeding with mobile casino website as scamsters are everywhere.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Casino:

When you casino on mobile then you have several advantages like you can play it anytime and everywhere. You don’t have to sit on specific place to play the game as you can play anywhere like on the couch, bed, traveling etc. The playing speed on mobile phones is fast, the UI is also great on mobile devices. You may also receive mobile specific bonus on some sites.

Like everything mobile casino also has some disadvantages. One of the main disadvantage is that not all games are available on mobile platforms. Only mobile optimized games are made available on mobile apps. Games which can be played on small mobile screens can be made compatible for mobile casino but games which cannot be played on mobile screens needs to be played on computer only.

Also make sure that you play the casino where it is permitted, several states in the country don’t allow online casino.

So these are some ways through which you can choose best mobile casino platform in India.