iOS clean document and data
Apple iOS is no doubt one of the best operating system. But that doesn’t mean that it will have all features, iOS does lack some features. One of the worst part of iOS devices is that they doesn’t have option to expand internal memory, and on top of that there is no option to clean junk files.

Do you know that each app stores lots of temporary data which in turn decreases the internal memory. To check Junk files or Temporary files Just Goto Setting > General > Usage. On the storage option select any app or game, then it will show memory distribution of that app. Now in that memory distribution there will be an option like Documents and Data, each app have its own documents and data(as shown in the image above). This Documents & Data contains temporary files and there is no direct way to clean it.

In my case documents and data stored by Facebook is very less because i clean junk files regularly. But in your case it may be in excess of 300-400 MB. If you have 16GB iPhone and apps like Facebook and Twitter store more that 1GB of temporary data then you will get very less usage memory.

Every application on iOS runs in a sandbox environment. Sandbox environment means each application have its private storage and one app cannot access other app data. Apple also doesn’t provide central file manger. Because of this nature there is no way to clean junk files right from iPhone or iPad.

Today I will show you how to clean all this junk files in 3 easy steps. I will show two methods one for non-jailbroken devices and one for jailbroken devices.

Method 1. Using PhoneClean

PhoneClean by iMobile is free Paid utility to clean up temporary and junk files. To use PhoneClean you will need a PC or Mac having iTunes installed. It is available for Windows and Mac. The free version doesn’t clean data. There is pro version also which has capability to clean files. Download and install PhoneClean and follow these steps:


  1. You need to have iTunes, you can download it from here.
  2. You need to purchase PhoneClean pro version which costs $19.99. You can purchase PhoneClean for Windows and PhoneClean for Mac from here.

Steps to clean Junk

1. Open PhoneClean and connect your iDevice to PC or Mac.

phoneclean clean documents and data

2. Select Quick clean or deep clean as per choice. Deep clean will options to clean and Quick clean will clear up memory quickly.

phoneclean clean documents and data

3. After selecting type of clean, there are various options, select desired options and click scan.

phoneclean clean documents and data

4. Now it will show temporary files size, click Clean to clean up these junk files.

5. Hurray now your iPhone or iPad temporary files are cleaned.

Update: PhoneClean no longer provides free cleaning of date. Free version will show amount of data which can be cleaned, To actually calen the data you will need to purchase it. You can buy it for $19.99.


Method 2. using iCleaner Pro

This method requires your device to be jailbreak. In this method you can clean junk files right from iPhone or iPad. To install iCleaner open cydia and add source following source “”  and install iCleaner Pro. After installing follow these steps:

1. Install iCleaner pro from cydia.

icleaner pro ios











2. Open iCleaner pro app, and click Analyze to check which files will be removed and what is size of Junk Files.

3. Click clean to clean up the junk files.

icleaner ios clean documnets and dta











4. After cleaning up it will show how much memory is cleared and you will need to Respring to device.

5. Now memory is cleared.

So in this two way you can clean up temporary files from iPhone or iPad. Don’t you think all this steps are easy and will help in clearing up lots of junk memory.

Tell us in comments how much memory you cleaned up?