Converting different file types is not usually the most pleasant of tasks, but since there are many different platforms available, it is a necessary one. You may need to do this to increase compatibility with another Mac, work with a different iOS device, or establish compatibility with a different operating system. Here’s how to convert files on a Mac.

To and From an MP4 Using a Mac

You can view MPEG-4 or MP4 video files on any platform, including Apple products. To make sure that your movie will play on your Mac product, you might need to modify your original file format. For instance, you may need to convert MKV to MP4 on the Mac device. In some cases, MP4 files need to be converted as well. This is the case when the video file that you want to move to your Mac is too large, and there isn’t enough space available for playback. Plan to convert the video file if:

  • The video file refuses to open
  • You don’t have enough storage space
  • There are distorted images during the playback

Video converters for the operating system are available, and they make this step easy. With a converter, all you need to do is download and install it. Open the files that you need to convert, and then select the output format. You’ll find this option under the video tab. The last step is to select the convert button from the folder icon.

PDF to Word

If you’ve received a PDF file and need to convert it to a Word Document to edit the contents, then you have several options. An easy option is to use Google Docs. Once you login to Google Docs using a Google account, just select the upload button and select the file on your Mac. Click on the File menu inside the document and choose the “Download As” option. Choose “Microsoft Word,” and then save it to your Mac. This is an easy option. The only downside is that you’ll need internet access.

Another option is to copy the text from the PDF and paste it into the document in Mac OSX. The highest quality way to convert a PDF file to Word is to use Adobe. If you go with Adobe, then you’ll just need to access their converter product. Check out this great guide if you find yourself needing to convert PDF to Word.

Converting Graphics Files

Mac features a Preview program that allows you to convert image files like JPEG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, and others. This is helpful for sharing files with others who use different computer systems or for situations in which you prefer to open files in apps that don’t have access to different types of files. To use Preview, open the file and select File > Export. Choose the Format pop-up menu and select a file type. Click on the Format pop-up menu, and then select the type of file that you need. If you don’t spot the one that you want, just hold the Option key down while clicking the Format pop-up menu. This will show you older formats or specialized ones.

The Benefits of a Mac

Mac computers offer many benefits ranging from being a great value to providing you with a high level of portability. Once you’re comfortable converting files on your Mac, you’ll reach a higher level of usability with your computer.