Whether it’s one powerful message, image, or a 10-second video, microcontent is a kind of short-based communication that’s optimized and specially designed for social media to fight information overload.

Essentially, microcontent is any published or public content that’s delivered in small bites. The primary goal is to capture the attention of your target audience as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Microcontent strategies can apply to several kinds of media including content, images, text messages, video, audio, trackbacks, infographics, emails, metadata, and URLs. It can apply to any medium as long as the fundamental message is short in terms of context.

Mobile and Socially Optimized Content Marketing

The world is shifting more and more towards accessing quick information through social networks using mobile, which is why optimized content marketing is considered an extremely practical way of communicating with potential prospects and customers. As a result, reading huge amounts of text on a mobile device is simply no longer practical.

Here is some smart micro-content strategies suggested by Noria, an SEO services agency in Thailand, to incorporate into your marketing campaigns to reach your goals faster.

Focus on your target audience

Satisfying the basic needs of your target audience should be your primary focus. Getting to know and understanding your audience is crucial to your overall success. Think about what motivates them and their behaviours. Deliver what they need in small chunks of information.

Genuinely help your audience

How can you serve your audience and help them solve their problems? Serving may include educating, offering plausible solutions, inspiring, connecting, or entertaining. Your micro-content needs to be all about your audience and how you can improve their lives.

Make your information concise and straight to the point

Satisfy the needs and wants of your target audience by making your microcontent short and delivering it often enough so it will become a natural part of their everyday routine. Give them helpful updates, news headlines, sports scores, horoscopes, quotes, and tips. Keep it short and sweet.

Think repeat in terms of social mobility

Think about how you can build a practical schedule that facilitates the delivery of easy-to-read, bite-size information that your readers crave and can easily run on a smaller size screen for your information-seeking audience. Create compelling content themes as a platform for innovative brainstorming, creative ideas.

Pull your content from different sources

Many times, the best microcontent involves a short review of someone else’s work or opinion that can help your audience, which is exactly what being social is all about. This will increase the level of trust between you and your audience. Quality matters.

Integrate an easy and obvious call to action

Today, social media is big business. Therefore, what do you want your potential customers to do? Where are you leading them? It’s not necessary that every single post, tweet, or update requires an offer or a backlink. In fact, it doesn’t have to and actually shouldn’t. However, to make sales, you will, at some point, have to incorporate a call to action to increase your brand and business overall. Be sure to make your profile as visible as possible so inquiring readers can easily click on your link to land on your website and discover what you’re offering.


Microcontent marketing is essentially about designing some creative ways to keep your brand at the forefront of the minds of your target audience.  Gradually building credibility and trust with bite-size, helpful bits of information can change their lives for the better.