Before the invention of smartphones and advanced caller-ID, it was pretty challenging to know who was calling you or what mysterious number left that voicemail. You would think, after the progression of technology, our cell phones would be able to identify the caller even if we don’t have their number in our contacts. Searching for a phone number has never been an easy task. During a time when the internet didn’t exist, you had to rely on several large white and yellow page books to conduct a phone number search. Now, the information is at the tip of your fingers.

The next time you receive a call from an unknown number that you refuse to answer for obvious reasons have no fear. Here are the top three ways to find anyone’s phone number on the internet.
Reverse Phone Look-Up

One of the easiest ways to do a phone number search is to utilize our good friend Google. Sure, other search engines are capable of this task, but because Google is interconnected with so many businesses and resources it’s your best option. In order to successfully do a phone number search on Google, simply go to the main screen and type the number into the search bar. Don’t be alarmed by the overwhelming results that pop up. You may see results for a forum, company contact pages or even email addresses. One of the most common results would be chat rooms and people search results. If the number you’re searching for belongs to a company or individual, you might get lucky and find your results within the first page.

White Pages Phone Number Search

If Google doesn’t work for you, there’s a second option. Conduct your phone number search on the White Pages website. Now, for those born before the ‘90s this may not sound ideal considering you remember the original White Pages were actual pages in a very large book. Well, good news, that old book is now digital. White Pages is a more advanced way of conducting a phone number search. Although it’s not free, it’s not expensive either. For some, using White Pages for a phone number search is more efficient than Google alone. When you sign up for a monthly membership you’ll be able to type in the phone number and see the name, address and sometimes business information for the caller.

Social Media

Another great method to do a phone number search is using social media. This may be a favorite for the younger generation. Some may think it’s impossible to search a phone number on social media because people are private about their information. Surprisingly, this is not the case. It’s worth a try to search for a phone number on Facebook and other social media sites because the person could be a business owner and have their information online. If you miss a call from an individual who does not have a business, then the likelihood of finding their number on social media is slim to none. What if you didn’t miss a call, but would like to find the phone number of someone you would like to contact? A professional social media platform known as Linkedin would be a good source to use. Linkedin is somewhat a combination of Google and Facebook except it’s centered around business networking.

Now that you have a few solid resources to do a phone number search you can find who you’re looking for with confidence. There are many other resources out there such as smart apps and other software, but these three tactics are the best by far and most inexpensive. Good luck in your search!