WhatsApp is no doubt one of the best Instant Messaging Application. Its been enormously popular between smartphone users around the world. In India its even more popular, whatsApp boasts more than 30 Million active users alone in India. Everybody loves to chat ,send pictures, send videos and even voice chat with whatsapp. But what people don’t like about Whatsapp?

Well whatsapp shows when you last opened the App and checked the messages. Whenever you open whatsapp, it records the time and shows when someone opens contact chat window. If the person is online then it shows “online” else it shows “last seen at …”. Many people actually don’t want to show the last seen timestamp. There are many reasons for not showing this, maybe sometimes we are busy and unable to reply and that friend thinks you are ignorant to them, so sometimes situation becomes difficult due this ‘Last Seen’ …!!


As you can see in the image above, whatsapp show when user last visited the App. Now there is a way to remove this timestamp. It means you will be invisible to your contact. If you read the messages then also your friends will not be able to see when you last visited app.

Steps to Hide Last seen Timestamp:

Note : this only works on iPhone

• Open the App
• Visit the Setting Option
• Select Chat settings
• Select Advanced
• Now there is option to Hide Timestamp
• Disable the switch to hide the Timestamp

In this way you can hide your last seen timestamp, well there is a catch in this method. If don’t want to show last seen then you also can’t watch others last seen. Yes you read it right if you disable last seen then you will not be able to watch others last seen timestamp also. And once you disabled this you can’t revert back before 24 hours.

So how you liked this tutorial.