Stay hidden and go anywhere you want to online by borrowing a different IP address.

There are several reasons why you may want your IP address to be masked. They include the following: keeping your geographical location hidden, avoiding having a digital footprint established, or bypassing blacklisting, bans, or any content filters.

There are several different ways that your IP address can be hidden. It is a unique number that is assigned to your computer’s network connection.

Four ways your IP address can be hidden:

Option 1 – The Best Way – Use a VPN Service

When you sign up with a VPN service and go online, the world will be shown a different IP address. You are borrowing it from your VPN service.

A personal VPN service has many more advantages compared to using a proxy. These advantages include being able to choose the city and county where you seem to be, private access to sites that are blocked, a secure connection, usability, and high-speed bandwidth.

There are hundreds of different VPN companies that are available for you to choose from. However, many of them are of poor quality or are shady.

We have reviewed the following top VPN services that we recommend:

Private Internet Access





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Option 2 – Slowest Choice – Use the Tor Browser 

Tor is used by people all around the world to search, purchase products, and communicate with people who have restricted Internet access, which is the situation in certain foreign countries.

Tor’s Browser (like Safari, Firefox, or Chrome) is a free software program. It can be downloaded onto your computer and your IP address is concealed each you to go online which makes you anonymous. There is heavy-duty encryption layered within this free process, meaning your data is layered with privacy protection and security.

Option 3 – Use a Proxy Server 

A proxy server (which is sometimes referred to as “proxies” or an “open proxy” may be used for re-routing your browser (Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome) around a school or company content filters.

Using free proxies like Pirate Bay, for masking your IP address involves some risks. Some might not be legal in certain countries, some run on machines that are compromised, and many will slow your internet connection down.

Using proxies managed by a reputable company like Smartproxy is a safer solution.

Option 4 – The Long Distance Method – Use Public Wi-Fi

One thing to keep in mind is that your IP address does not go with you as you travel from place to place. So if you go to a hotel lobby, bookstore, or coffee shop, and access their Wi-Fi, it will hide your regular IP address temporarily. You will be using the IP address of their network while you are online there.

Try this. To view your current IP address, click on show my IP. Then use the free Wi-Fit to visit any place. Log onto their Internet and then re-check your IP address.

However, if a VPN is not used, you are at risk of your Internet risk being intercepted by or spied on by someone bad without you realizing it.