If you are experiencing lags with your Windows 10 system, there are many ways that you can improve its performance. Whether you are using your system for specialized tasks like graphics designing or for general personal or official purposes, you can take certain steps to boost its performance.

Here are 7 tips on how to boost the performance of a Windows 10 system.

1. Turn Off Visual Enhancements

One way to boost your operating system’s performance is by turning off visual effects. This can be done from within System > Advanced system settings > Advanced tab > Performance > Settings.

Windows 10 comes with a wide range of visual effects including shadows, animations, Acrylic material, and Reveal highlight among others. When you disable visual effects, it can have a huge impact on your system’s performance. It is, however, recommended to not change Smooth edges of screen fonts because it is beneficial when it comes to reading text.

2. Disable Unwanted Startup Apps

This is an age-old strategy to improve Windows performance. Many programs continue to configure in a way that they are launched during startup. This is done to allow you to start commonly used apps faster. But if you are not going to use those apps, these programs lurking in the background are going to drag down on your system’s performance. These apps can be disabled from running at startup from within the Task Manager.

3. Scan & Remove Malware Regularly

If you have been noticing significant slowdown in your Windows 10 system’s performance, it may be due to a malware. Different types of spyware, viruses, and adware can consume the system resources, preventing or slowing down applications from running. Make sure that your anti-malware programs are up-to-date and you check your system regularly and keep it clean. It is important that the Windows Defender Antivirus is enabled at all times.

4. Speed up the Processor

There are 3 different settings for processor performance. These are:

  • Power Saver
  • Balanced
  • High Performance

As the name suggests, the High Performance mode makes your system run processes faster. This also means that it requires higher consumption of power. So chose the right mode to get the level of performance you desire from your system. These options can be found in Control Panel > Power Options.

5. Optimize the Internet Connection

Many times its your Wi-Fi connection that is slowing down your internet speed. This can be due to overlapping signals and channel congestion. You can choose one of the following options to improve your internet speed:

  • Direct wired connectivity
  • Changing router channel

When it comes to making a wired connection, all you will need is an Ethernet cable.

6. Configure Windows 10 Update

Another thing you can do to improve your Windows 10 system’s performance is to configure the Windows update for improved performance. There are 2 aspects of doing so:

  • Change the Active Hours: Windows Update is going to consume a lot of resources and slow down the system when it runs. So make sure to configure it to run at times when you are not using the system.
  • Metered Internet Connection: When updates are downloaded in the background, they are continuously affecting your system’s performance. Set the Wi-Fi connection to metered to prevent these updates from taking place on a connection with limited bandwidth.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft doesn’t allow you full control over Windows Update. Some security patches are still going to be downloaded no matter what steps you take. However, this is going to protect your system from potential threats. The above-mentioned steps are still going to prevent bulk of the background updates so that your system’s performance doesn’t get affected.

7. Use a RAM Disk Program

Setting up a RAM disk can significantly increase your Window 10 performance. You will need an application that an create a drive with physical RAM. You can then move the required parts of important programs onto the RAM disk. This strategy is specifically beneficial for those who use certain apps on a regular basis. So if you use a graphics designing, video editing, word processing, or browsing application on a regular basis, this method can help you get more out of your system.

So follow these tips to boost your Windows 10 performance and get more out of it. If you have an Asus system, it is also recommended to download asus smart gesture and use all the latest technologies from the brand. It offers many unique technologies that make its notebooks easier and faster to use.