ID holders are important to companies as they are a great way for employees to keep their credentials safe – especially if they are working in an area with dust or water.

In addition, it’s also simple to use. All that’s needed is to place the credentials into the holder before attaching it to the clothes. ID holders can also be used for a wide range of occupations from healthcare staff to warehouse workers and more.

So, how do you know which ID holder is best suited for your needs? Before deciding, you would need to take a couple of things into consideration.

How are you using the ID holders?

While ID holders are mainly used for identification purposes, they can also be used for other things such as security, tracking, branding purposes and more. With that in mind, it’s important to take how your badges will be used into consideration.

How do you want your ID holder to look?

ID holders don’t all look the same. There are a couple of things to consider such as the orientation of the ID holder, along with the thickness of the badge.

With the orientation, ID holders could be portrait or landscape. You’ll also want to think about how thick the badge is and where your employees will be using this badge – in an industrial setting, conference, hospital setting etc.

What are the different ID holders?

1. Lanyards

One of the most popular ID holders out there is lanyards. They’re great for carrying identification documents as they’re convenient, practical, safe and visible. Not only are they easy to use, but the chances of misplacing a lanyard is slim.

Lanyards can also come in a wide variety of designs and colours to choose from, and since they’re visible they’re also excellent when it comes to security.

2. Badge Reel

Another great ID holder option is badge reels.If IDs need to be scanned, badge reels are a fantastic choice. Not only can they easily be pulled from the reel to be scanned, but they’re also easy to store and practical.

Badge reels are a fantastic middle-ground between having to physically take out and swipe an ID card or having a lanyard. Those working in industrial settings especially would really benefit from a high-quality badge reel.

Depending on the badge reels that you get, high-quality badge reels are made of sturdy material and strong cords crafted with nylon, wire or chain links. Due to the robustness of this material, the chances of these reels breaking is slim.

Which ID holder will you choose?

It’s important that you consider the needs of your employees when choosing the right ID holder for your company. While lanyards are great for company events and if you’re more focused on branding, badge reels are perfect for an industrial setting.

Whichever ID holder you choose to do, it’s crucial that you choose an ID holder that’s not just high-quality, but also durable, practical and convenient.