We live in the present and plan for the future. But one should never forget its roots, that is its past. This is the reason why history is important. History helps us to understand the cultural values, morals of roots, the identity of an individual, general awareness, etc.

History is one of the most respected and clean subjects that students will learn during their academic years. With the help of this subject, one can extract information as much as possible.

Importance of studying history

Following are the listed importance for studying history in school academics

  • History helps to understand the transformation of societies and human evolution.
  • History keeps an individual attached to its culture and religion.
  • It helps to understand what things changed according to the time.
  • History helps to answer all complex mysteries.
  • It gives knowledge and information about different parts of the world.
  • It helps to deal with all facts and myths.
  • It provides information about past human and animal life.  How people survived in the past. Their eating habits, living lifestyle, work, etc are understood with the help of history.
  • It helps to discover new technologies which were not present in the past.

Is history a boring subject?

History deals with date and time. It consists of the achievements of Kings, rulers, Freedom Fighters, etc. who ruled the world. It deals with all sorts of tough times including war which the country faced. However, students should be familiar with the above information. They should deal with the subject in a proper way. Do not stress out with the subject or consider it to be boredom. 

The subject is full of stories. If one will take an interest then nothing will be more interesting than this. It makes a person more grounded and down to earth. One gets encouraged by the moral values learned in the chapter. Yes, it is true that the subject develops the critical thinking of a student.

Responsibility of teacher towards the subject

It is the teacher who can make the subject easy for the kids. They should look towards a better understanding of the subject. They should follow the following points to teach students-

  • The teachers have to talk openly with the kids. Share your own experience with them.
  • Try to make the learning of the subject joyful. Don’t just read the chapters. Create a creative learning environment for them.
  •  Ask questions in the game form. Play a quiz with them. This will increase their excitement level. 
  • Talk to them in a friendly manner. Ask about their interest topic. 
  • Share maximum knowledge with them. Share new things with them. Try to give your best.
  • Demonstrate videos and short films. This will increase their interest.
  • Conduct various tests so that students can participate in them. By doing so teachers will understand the potential of the kids. So that students can improve if they are weak.

CBSE Class 6 History syllabus

According to the CBSE Pattern, the following are the chapters listed in the academics of the students.

S.NO.Name of chapter 
Chapter 1When, Where, and How
Chapter 2 The Earliest societies 
Chapter 3The first farmers and herders
Chapter 4The first cities
Chapter 5Different ways of life
Chapter 6Early states
Chapter 7New ideas
Chapter 8The first empire
Chapter 9Life in town and villages
Chapter 10Contacts and distant lands
Chapter 11Political developments 
Chapter 12Culture and science


Students can find CBSE sample paper 1 for class 6 social science here.

Important ways in which history can be made easy for class 6 students

How history can be made easy for students are listed below-

  1. One of the important points every student should keep in mind is to never consider history a boring subject. A study by heart. Learn to respect the subject. Give it equal importance as the other subjects.
  2. Write and practice. As the subject consists of important dates, places, and times that might be difficult to memorize. So students should practice and learn them by writing.
  3. Always make short notes on important topics. Like the birth of rulers, their achievements, victories, wars, etc. by doing this, one can easily memorize them.
  4. Read the chapters by taking an interest. One should always be acquainted with the pieces of information about history. 
  5. History is one of those subjects which can lead to fruitful career opportunities. Students who wish to go for mass communication, journalism, civil services, teaching, etc. history are major subjects.
  6. Students who do not like the subject at all can practice by watching various kinds of videos available online. It is a fact that students learn more by seeing than reading or learning. This makes studies more interactive.
  7. One can also plan memorable trips to historical places where their teachers and mentors can guide them with ample knowledge. Like one can visit Rajasthan, a devastating place loaded with vast historical incidents.
  8. There might be a chance that students feel difficulty in learning. In such a case never hesitate to talk to teachers and parents. They will provide the best guidance possible.
  9. Always attend tests regularly conducted by the teachers. This will make learning easy and fun. Never miss tests conducted by teachers. Tests help to prepare for the examination well
  10. Students can also study in groups. By doing so they can interact more and will be able to gather new information.


History is loaded with several stories. It is full of colors. The demonstration of the chapter is such a way that it attracts students. History text is loaded with many pictures. Students can also use Flashcards and stick these flashcards on their study table. By doing this they can recall information on an everyday basis. Apart from this parents also play an important role in generating interest for their child in the subject. Never take the subject as boring. Stay focused and learn everything by heart.