For starters, no one can deny with the fact that a watch adds a lot to one’s personality. It’s weird how a strapped watch with a dial on the wrist can make so much difference in a man’s look. Especially, what we’ve noticed is that a watch makes a man look more decent and more of gentlemen. However, it’s not that you can wear just “any” watch and pull a classy look. In fact, if you really want your watch to be your style statement then you need to make sure that it’s matching your outfit at least.

Yes, you read that right! Your watch needs to match your outfit especially if you are at a gathering where you know people will have eyes on you. Don’t agree with us? Well, now for a while just think of a man in a great tuxedo at a wedding. His hair is all gelled up, he’s got a great smile and a personality worth drooling over. But as soon as he turns around and you see his wrist that has a yellow rubber strapped watch on it, what exactly would you think? Wouldn’t it look really weird? And wouldn’t it just take away all the charm of the person? Well, it definitely will and this is the reason why before wearing a watch, you should be matching it with your suit.

It’s just that you can even pull off a Seamaster 300 in the best and the most classiest possible way but only if it’s matching the occasion and the outfit you are wearing.

Other than all of this, here are a few tips that might come in handy to you in watch matching;

1- Learn the difference between digital and analogue watches

Let’s make it clear, digital watches are considered casual, they are the ones that come with an LCD or an LED display. On the other hand, analogue watches are for more formal events and business meetings etc and these watches are the ones that have an hour and minute hands. So, if you are heading to a very formal event then don’t make the mistake of wearing a digital watch because it just won’t make any sense.

2- Learn the types of watches

It’s the 21st century you are living in and by now, you already know that there are so many types of watches out there that you can easily get confused on what to purchase and what not to. However, if you want to match your watch with your outfit then you first need to learn about the types there are and what they are used for. A little detailed study on watches and their types will be quite useful for you.

3- Leather always compliments the leather

Now, obviously here by leather, we aren’t referring to all of your outfits, in fact, we are just talking about your shoes and your belt. If your belt and the shoes you are wearing are made up of leather then yes, you can opt for a leather strapped watch. It will look really nice and at least it will match. On the other hand, if you are wearing a belt that comes with a stainless steel or metal buckle then you need to opt for metal watches. It’s a simple, straightforward rule!


These are some of the things you need to consider if you really want to be good at matching your watches with your outfit. So, use the tips we just gave above and we assure you that you will steal the show next time you go to a party or a formal event.


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