The average person has 35 apps installed on their smartphone. With so many apps for users to choose from, you’ll need to do some work to convince them to let your app into one of those coveted spots.

If you’re looking for ways to promote a mobile app, you should consider building a presence on Facebook and Instagram. Both of these platforms can be great tools for reaching potential users and encouraging more app downloads.

In this social media marketing guide, we’ll tell you how to promote your mobile app on Facebook and Instagram.

Aim for Brand Consistency

One of the key things to remember with mobile app promotion is that you need to keep your brand consistent. Make sure that you use similar branding across any social media platforms you use as well as on the app store and within the app itself.

A potential app user will likely see your brand in multiple places before they decide to download it. Great branding will help your app seem more professional. It will also allow users to easily make a connection when they see your brand more than once.

Prioritize Video Content

Video is the most popular form of content, and these days, Facebook and Instagram both take a lot of influence from YouTube and TikTok. Make sure that your mobile app marketing strategy includes video content.

Whether you creating a shop app or another type of app, don’t be afraid to create and post some interesting teaser videos. This can help you catch the attention of your audience and get more app downloads.

Build a Community

When building a user base for an app, word-of-mouth is everything. After creating an app with, look for ways to build a community surrounding it.

Partnering with influencers can be a great way to promote an app and make use of word-of-mouth marketing.

It can also be a great idea to rely on user-generated content. Consider creating some special offers or running a contest to get user-generated videos that showcase your app or promote your brand.

Run Paid Ads

While organic social media posts can go a long way with mobile app marketing, it’s best to throw some fuel on the fire. Running paid ads on Facebook and Instagram can be helpful for reaching your target audience and getting more downloads for your app.

With ads on Facebook and Instagram, you can use advanced targeting features to extend your reach in a cost-effective way. Be sure that you try running ads to promote your app if you want to get downloads more quickly.

Make It Easy

If you want to encourage app downloads, make things as easy for your Facebook and Instagram audiences as possible.

Not only should you include calls-to-action to encourage more downloads but you should also be sure to post links that direct your audience to the download page for your app.

On Facebook, you can include links in posts. In Instagram, you’ll want to add a link to the download page in your Instagram bio. This will help ensure that a potential user won’t have to work hard to find your app and download it.

Using These Social Media Marketing Tips to Promote a Mobile App

If you want to promote a mobile app, be sure that you use Facebook and Instagram. Aiming for brand consistency, creating video content, and running paid ads can help you make the most of social media marketing.