Incidents like the hacking of small and big businesses are constantly happening. The number of incidents like hacking is increasing worldwide every year. We know that a business is digitally storing a lot of sensitive information every day as well as being accessed from different parts of the world. Since it is convenient to store the data of every business in the cloud but this is where our information becomes risky to hackers.

It is possible for hackers to hack any business in one way or another. Therefore, it cannot be said that no one can hack my server at all. But what security experts can do is make it harder to access your digital space. This will protect your business from most of the attacks. As a result, hackers will not want to waste so much time getting into your server. Hackers are constantly trying to find the weak points in your business. The more easily vulnerabilities are found, the more your business is at risk.

There is no website in this digital age that cannot be hacked. Most proficient hackers can take control of any system in one way or another. This has happened in the past in many leading businesses and will occur later.

Let’s accept it without fear. We can build it tough for them to burst your server. The system needs to be hardened in such a way that they are not worth wasting time on.

In this article, we will discuss how you can protect your business from growing threats by minimizing the weak points of your business. We will highlight five methods that will greatly protect your business.

5 ways to protect your business from hackers

We will discuss a few ways to protect your business from hackers and continuous attacks. Moreover, managed services like Intelliworx offer various jobs to protect your business from attack. Let’s take a look at five ways to secure your business.

#1. Use Different Passwords

It is not possible to be 100% protected from hackers. So, we always have to follow some things so that the weak points of our site are fewer. That’s why the first thing experts tell us to follow is to use different passwords for each of your accounts. For example, keep your email passwords, social media passwords, website login passwords, or computer passwords all different. Thus it will be difficult to track your business with a password. Make sure hackers do not access important files in your business by following an employee.

Similarly, change those passwords regularly and save the password in an encrypted password vault. You can modify the password every few months. I mean again, use different types of passwords for your different accounts to protect your business from hackers. Then change the password every few months and save the password in an encrypted password vault. This will keep your business safe for the most part.

  1. Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Many IT experts say that it is no longer appropriate to think of businesses as secure with just passwords. Almost all the time the above points are seen to be hacked if you can’t follow the points well. In that case, use two-step or multi-factor authentication to secure your business. The multi-factor authentication process requires the user to use a password on his account as well as a code sent to his email or smartphone. It ensures a supplemental level of security.

Hence, as long as you have a mobile phone in your hand, you can be sure that no one else can access the account. Many services like Apple, Google, Gmail, and Dropbox have this two-steps verification process. Whenever you try to log in to a new device, you will be asked for a secret code after entering the password. You will only get on your phone instantly. If the hacker knows your password, you will not be able to hack the account until you know the code on your mobile. So this multi-factor authentication will provide a lot of security after the password to protect your business.

  1. Limit Employee Access

Not all employees in your business are equally experienced in technology. Not everyone in the IT team knows all the issues equally as not everyone in the IT team. Therefore, not all employees should be given full access to your business resources. Access to particularly sensitive data should be restricted. This is because employees who are not experienced in IT may be able to click on a link or ignore issues that make it easier for a hacker to gain access to your business resources. This will reduce the weak points of your business to hackers. So the matter needs to be taken seriously.

  1. Keep Software Updated

You need to keep the software or apps of the computer, laptop, or smartphone used in your business updated. Network equipment should always be improved. If necessary, take the help of a skilled IT consultant. He or she will be able to give you ideas on which software in your organization needs to be updated regularly and which software should not be used. However, you need to make sure that all the software or apps used in your business computer or cloud are constantly updated.

  1. Educate The Employees

Your business staff is always working with different resources. They are sharing information with many people in need of the team. So they need to be well trained especially in computer and internet basic concepts. They need to have a clear idea of ​​how they can target a hacker and what methods the hacker attacks. Even the work of educating the staff has to be done regularly. Because hackers constantly change their tactics over time. So the staff has to be informed about these things.


There may be many people lurking around to grab important information about your business. Hence, keep your business up to date. While the above are very basic issues, they can greatly protect your business from hackers. So keep yourself updated with the latest technology as well as your business.