Security and privacy of smartphone is very important. Every smartphone comes with a security lock either with a password, Fingerprint or Android dots unlock. Almost every user lock thief device some or types of lock. Apple iPhone also comes with a Passcode lock and fingerprint unlock in current iPhone 5s. Passcode is a simple four character numeric password. You can set alphanumeric password also in iPhone/iPad. What if you want to set current Time as your Passcode to unlock your device? Well now there is a jailbreak tweak to do that.

TimePasscode by Stevie Hetelekides is a new jailbreak tweak which let’s you save current time as your Passcode to unlock iPhone/iPad. After installing the tweak from Cydia, ReSpring the Device, after unlocking it will configure the device to unlock with current time. After installing the tweak there is a option to configure in setting pane. In the setting, you can choose to unlock device with original Passcode also.

To use this tweak, simply enable the switch from setting pane. After that if your current time is 11:33 then Passcode will be 1133, it works with both 24-hour and 12-hour format. If current time is 1:22 then add a 0 before time, Passcode will be 0122, in this way this tweak works. Every time current time changes, Passcode also changes, you can also unlock the iPhone by original Passcode also.

Well this is a simple tweak, you can use this tweak to trick your friends about changing password. It is available for free in default cydia BigBoss repo. It is compatible with iPhone/iPad running iOS 7. Do you like this tweak?