SmartPhone technology is constantly touching new frontiers. When touch phone was introduced, we were pretty awe-struck. Then Apple came along with Siri, its virtual personal assistant that executes a range of voice commands for the user.

Siri is a feature that is built into the device’s iOS and utilizes all of Apple’s apps to help it do its job. Its ability to understand verbal questions is from the Wolfram Alpha search technology. Siri takes dictation for a message, sets up appointments, tells you the score in an ongoing game, and searches the Web for the answer to a query, the nearest petrol pump or restaurant of your choice.

With such great features bundled into your Apple products, it is only natural that you look after it with a great deal of care. Here are a few tips that may help.

Charging your Batteries

Apple notebooks, iPods, iPads and iPhones use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Here are three ways to enhance the life of your battery:

  • Do not use your Apple product in temperatures higher than 35 degree Centigrade as this permanently damages its ability to retain charge. Such high temperatures bring down your battery’s ability to power a device, in spite of being fully charged. Storing batteries at high temperatures also damages them.
  • Use your device regularly. Lithium-ion batteries are built to provide long-term service. If you want the best out of them, you have to use your device on a regular basis. If you plan to keep your device aside for a while, ensure it completes at least one charge cycle each month to retain its capacity.
  • Invest in an 85w portable adaptor that will suit your Macbook Air, MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Pro 15 without overcharging it.

Cleaning your Apple Products

Each component of your Apple product must be cleaned according to specific instructions. This gives it a longer lease of life. These tips will help you get your basic cleaning process in order:

  • Disconnect the power supply to your product before cleaning it.
  • Disconnect any other devices that may be connected to your product.
  • Use only soft, lint-free cloths to clean any surface of your iPad and Macbook. Rough pieces of cloth, paper tissues and regular towels must not be used.
  • Never spray a cleaning product directly onto your iTouch or any other Apple device.
  • Never keep any cleaning liquids close to your product when cleaning. If they knock over and spill, they could damage your device irreparably.
  • Keep liquids and aerosols away from ports or other openings on the device.

Always have your Apple product serviced and repaired at authorized centres. This ensures that your product gives you the best possible service over an extended period of time.

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