Dash cams are cameras that are mounted to your car’s dashboard and are becoming increasingly popular in today’s driving societies all over the world.

They’re designed to capture whatever is happening in front of your vehicle, and sometimes behind it too!

The footage that can be captured includes anything that happens in the camera’s view and is recorded in live-time, which can consist of accidents, near misses, or other traffic-related events.

There are so many incredible advantages to having a dash cam installed in your car, not least of which is that they give you the ability to share important footage with others.

If unfortunately, you do happen to find yourself in an incident or accident and want to share what happened with your insurance company, for example, a dash cam can be a helpful tool, as they record everything as it sees it, and this can help to apportion blame to the correct party without the intervention of opinion or argument.

You might also want to upload video clips from your dash cam on a regular basis just for fun!

Many channels on YouTube are solely dedicated to accidents, near misses, and dangerous drivers, believe it or not! And while this may seem like a sombre niche for an online forum, it appears that these types of dashcam footage are incredibly popular and can also help with driving awareness; sometimes, of course, it’s purely for entertainment!

Dash cams are such a great way to record family road trips and scenic drives. When it’s time to upload footage from your dash cam onto YouTube, here’s how

Dash cams and YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting company, which means that if you want to upload dash cam footage, YouTube is the place to do it.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, it’s also one of the most visited websites on the internet. When someone searches for something on YouTube, they often see your video as one of the search results.

As we have mentioned previously, there are so many benefits to having a dash cam installed in your car. It can help with insurance claims and provide incredible footage for your social media accounts.

Plus, it’s just fun to share these videos with people!

The best way to upload footage from your dash cam onto YouTube is using the video footage taken from your dash cam direct, with a bit of privacy editing where needed.

Uploading video from your dash cam to YouTube

Choose Your Video Length

When you upload footage from your dash cam to YouTube, one of the first things you need to do is choose a video length.

You can choose different lengths, such as two minutes or three minutes long. For this article, we’re going with one minute in duration.

Select The Correct Privacy Settings

Once you’ve selected the length for your video, you need to decide if you want it to be public or private.

If it’s public, then anyone on the internet will be able to see and watch it.

If it’s private, then only people who have access to the link will be able to view your video.

It is also important to mention the security and privacy of the vehicles and persons in the video.

If you do not possess the correct permissions to use the actual identity of the subjects or property contained in the video, you must blur or disguise them from public view; this includes faces, number plates, and any other identifiable markers.

Use A Snappy Title

After making these decisions about how long your video is and whether or not it is public, click “Next” and enter in a title for your video clip (this can be anything such as “A Car Accident at a Crossroads” or “Dangerous Manouvre”).

Add Searchable Tags

You can also add some tags if you’d like more people to find your video clip on YouTube by searching for those words – just make sure they’re keywords that describe what’s happening in the clip!

Then click “Next” again and answer a few questions about where the footage was taken from and when it happened so that YouTube can correctly attribute credit for your footage.

Select Licence Type

Finally, select a license type for YouTube – either “Standard” or “Creative Commons.” Standard licenses will allow YouTube users around the world full monetisation rights over your content while Creative Commons licenses place limitations

A few more things to know about uploading on YouTube

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, so having your video available on YouTube can be such a great way to increase your online searchability and visibility.

Add An Eye-Catching Title & Description

Before you upload your dash cam footage to YouTube, it’s essential to add a title and description; otherwise, people won’t know what your video is all about (as evident as it may seem to you!)

The title should include keywords that would make someone interested in viewing the video click on it.

Your description should also include keywords and links to other videos or social media pages that you feel may be interested in viewing or sharing your content.

Add Tags To Your Video, Even If You Dont Know What To Tag!

You can also add appropriate tags to your video; these are words that describe what people will see when they play the video. This element helps refine the precise point of the video, even if it’s just for entertainment purposes!

Upload Your Video In Good Time!

Your final step is uploading your video onto YouTube!

It’s as simple as clicking “upload” and following the prompts from there.

Don’t forget – your uploaded video will take 24 hours before it appears on YouTube, so be sure not to upload anything right before bedtime!


YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site on the internet.

With so many videos being uploaded, it’s easy to lose your way.

However, it is easy to do if you have dash cam footage that you want to upload.

All you need is your cams USB cable and a computer to host your video.

Happy driving!