Editing a PDF file is a tedious process, specially when you have to fill a form or add some other data into file. This is not the case with Word file as you can edit word files as many times. So one of the best option to edit a pdf file is to convert it into a word.

Now the question arises how to convert the PDF to Word? Well there are several tools out there through which you can convert the PDF to word easily. One such great tool is PDF WIZ. With the help PDF WIZ, you can do almost all types of task on pdf file including converting pdf to word and that too for free.

PDF WIZ is a all in one tool for PDF. It allows you to covert PDF file to Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Text, HTML and Image files. You can also covert Word and image files to PDF files using the software.

Apart from wide range of PDF file conversion, PDF WIZ allows you to Split, combine, Merge several pdf files. YOu can also extract image or page from PDF files with the software. If you want to add a password protection to a PDF file then it can also be done.

Now let us see how you can convert PDF to Word for free using PDF WIZ:

Step 1 : First of all download and install the PDF WIZ software.

Step 2: Launch the software and select Convert PDFs to option.

Step 3: Now Drag the file or select the PDF file which you want to convert to Word file.

Step 4: After selecting the files, click on the Convert Now button at the bottom to convert PDF to Word file on PDF WIZ.

Step 5: After completing the conversion, or when the status bar goes to 100%, click on the buttons below “Open” or “Location” to either open the file directly or go to the folder where the converted files are saved.

In this way you can easily convert the PDF to Word using PDF WIZ by Starzsoft for free.