Computers that based on different operating systems use particular kinds of file systems to store and organize data on storage media, such shared drives, USB flash drives, SD cards. For instance, Mac hard drives use APFS and HFS+ file systems, while Windows, on the other hand, uses the Microsoft NTFS file system. Such facts make a great difference especially when you want to transfer files between Macs and PCs. Namely, you can’t write to, delete, copy-paste, edit your files on NTFS drives through a Mac because NTFS is read-only for Mac.

Is there any way to bridge this gap so that you can use NTFS drives on Mac? Sure. Today we are going to review a tiny utility called iBoysoft NTFS for Mac which can help you use NTFS drives on Mac with no fuss.

Key Features of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac

This NTFS driver for Mac comes along with several features. It provides an easier way to use NTFS formatted hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, SD cards, pen drives, etc. You can use this NTFS app on Mac running macOS 10.15/10.14/10.13/10.12 and Mac OS X 10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8.

The first important function is to mount/unmount NTFS drives on Mac.

As you probably know, Mac can only mount NTFS drives in read-only mode. However, with iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, you can easily get full access to read and write to NTFS drives on your Mac, including edition, deletion, removal, copy and paste, and so on. What’s more, it allows users to mount/unmount all NTFS volumes with a single click.It’s a user-friendly feature.

Another trait you can take advantage of is to manage your NTFS drives on Mac.

By default, Mac doesn’t support users to erase disks to NTFS file system if you prefer this Windows NTFS file system, but iBoysoft NTFS for Mac makes it possible now. Once your disk is recognized by the computer, you can simply choose “Disk Management” in the menu bar of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac and then conduct a series of management.

For example, except for mounting and opening your disks, you can also use this tool to check and repair disk errors by clicking “Check disk”. It helps a lot if your external drive is corrupted or not readable by your Mac.

Moreover, you can use this program to erase all the data on NTFS drives instead of deleting them one by one. Also, you can use the “Erase disk” feature to reformat other exFAT/FAT32/HFS+ disks to NTFS.

Note:You should use the “Erase disk” feature with caution as it will wipe your files on your drive. In the case of accident erasure, you can use some free data recovery software to get your files back.

How to use iBoysoft NTFS for Mac?

With the assistance of this software, the utilization of NTFS drives on Mac isas easy as falling off a log. It requires no specific knowledge other than plugging your disk into your Mac.

Here are the details about using this utility.

Step 1: Install and launch iBoysoft NTFS for Mac on your Mac.

Note:During this process, you need to set the preferences up if you want this app to automatically launch at startup and to mount your drive in read-write mode as the disk is connected.

Step 2: Connect your NTFS drive to your Mac. It is reasonable that you can only write to this disk after you connect it to your computer. Simply plug it in to your Mac, and then wait for it being recognized.

Step 3: Use the NTFS drives on your Mac. After this software mount your NTFS drive on the Mac in a read-write mode, you are able to write to the files on this drive with full access, as well as to repair and manage this disk just like it is natively supported by the Mac operating system.

To sum up, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is a helpful program for people who need to use Windows NTFS drives on Mac and who need to transfer files between these two operating systems.

Anyway, leave us a comment below and tell us whether this review helps you or not.