ICICI Bank announces the launch of an API Banking portal, consisting the maximum number of virtual APIs (application programming interfaces) put together by any Indian bank. It enables partner companies to co- create innovative customer solutions in a frictionless manner and in a fraction of time usually taken for such integration, thereby significantly increasing their productivity.

The ‘ICICI Bank API Banking portal’, which consists of 250 APIs, enables developers of prospective partner companies across the globe to seamlessly sign up on it, create an application, select the application, test it out and get the sample code. With this, businesses, fintechs, corporates and e-commerce start-ups can easily partner with the Bank and co- create innovative customer solutions in a frictionless manner, all from the convenience of a single portal. The usage of ‘ICICI Bank API Banking Portal’ simplifies the process of digital collaboration for a partner company with the Bank and reduces the time taken to develop a business solution to a few days. This significantly raises productivity for partner companies. Typically, an API integration would take a few months.

Here are the key benefits offered by ‘ICICI Bank API Banking portal’:

  • Largest range of APIs: Diverse range of nearly 250 APIs across financial and non-financial categories
  • Unique ‘One-Stop-Spot’ for integrating APIs: The portal caters to requirements of all types of entities – businesses, technology developers and aggregators and offers a single place for designing, testing and going live with their business solution, an industry first.
  • Pares time, enhances productivity: Reduces the time taken by prospective partner companies and its developers to be able to integrate the APIs to their business solutions to just few weeks to few days thereby enhancing productivity
  • Convenient access to APIs: Makes ‘API Banking’ accessible to a large number of prospective partner companies and developers simultaneously and enables them to partner with the cutting edge technology offered by ICICI Bank
  • Detailed workflows for ease of integration: The portal offers a detailed step-by-step workflow to bring in ease and quick understanding of API working and scenarios for developers.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Anup Bagchi, Executive Director, ICICI Bank said “ICICI Bank has a legacy of leveraging new technology to bring in path-breaking solutions for the banking industry. The API Banking portal is yet another initiative in this direction. It is envisioned to be the gateway for several prospective partner companies to tie-up with the Bank in a quick and frictionless manner. The portal offers the largest array of instant APIs by any bank in one single place. We believe that the ‘ICICI Bank API Banking Portal’, will help foster rapid innovation and co-creation with partner. It will also boost productivity for businesses, as they can now partner with us in a short span of time ranging from just a few weeks to few days as compared to the few months taken earlier. We are happy to note the encouraging interest in the partnering with the Bank, with hundreds of developers already co-creating on the portal. “