Technology is changing every day, each passing day we see a new discovery with the help of Technology. The main aim of tech is ease the life of human being and also replace the human work by machine.

We have already seen Robots doing house hold work and working in factories. Now we are seeing robots doing the job for Police. Yes you reed it right! Robots will now replace the Cops and will do their jobs efficiently.

Many countries have already tested the Traffic Police Robot in their major cities. But India was yet to see the Robot doing the Traffic Police work. But not anymore as India gets its first Traffic Police Robot in Indore.

Traffic Polic Robot IndoreIndore, the city in Madhya Pradesh has installed India’s first Traffic Police Robot. The electronic robot shows can move in all directions, it has security cams installed, it can also double as traffic signal and many more.

The Indore which was recently awarded as cleanest city in India by Swachh Survekshan 2017 has once again showed its advancement and development. The city is also famous for Ranjeet Singh who is traffic cop who does moonwalking at traffic signals.

The Traffic Police Robot was installed by the Traffic Police in Indore at MR9 signal. The robot works are signal as well as cop. In the first day of trial, it has managed to challan to multiple rule breakers. The robot captures the photo whenever vehicle breaks the signal. Then the challan is being sent to the registered address.

Traffic Police Robot is developed by Kolkatta institute. The professor who developed the robot was also there during the trial. He said that they have overcome many shortcoming of Human traffic cop and added in the Traffic Robot.

The Robo cop comes with Wireless connectivity. Police can view all cameras live footage in their control room in Indore with the help of Wi-Fi. If the trial is successful then the robot will be installed in other place of Indore.

You can check out the Traffic Police Robot in action in Indore in video below: