Being able to provide your employees with a pay stub every month, along with their salary, is something that all businesses should do. While it is not federal law for companies to provide pay stubs to their employees, it is a requirement and something you should be able to provide.

Usually, it is the HR department that organizes and distributes pay stubs. Pay stubs are the documents that are given to employees along with their salary, and they are something that is required for records.

Pay stubs will not only show how much an employee has been paid, but it will also indicate their deductions which may come from tax or insurance. The pay stub will also outline other details, including employer contributions which may be required in applications such as for loans, benefits, or other financial aid.

It is clear to see why pay stubs are so important, but not all companies can manage this task on their own. This is why online payroll portals are being used by hundreds of thousands of companies across the country.

Why Do We Need Pay Stubs?

Pay stubs are one of the only documents given directly to employees throughout the year. They will be handed out along with the salary that is paid into their account so employees can keep track of their earnings and see how much they have worked throughout that pay period.

However, pay stubs are more than just proof of income – even though this is their main purpose.

This document can also be used in obtaining loans, claiming benefits such as financial help, or even as a reference for other job roles. There are many occasions why you may need a pay stub, which is why businesses need to be organized when it comes to this documentation.

Both employees and employers will need a copy of the pay stub for their records. Usually, the HR department will be the one that manages this side of the business operations, as they will organize the information and hand out the pay stubs to employees when they get paid.

In smaller businesses, however, there may be many other tasks that need to be completed before pay stubs. This is how many companies fall behind on their paperwork, which leads to disgruntled employees and other issues.

If this is the case for your company, it is time to consider another option.

How To Make Pay Stubs Online

It is possible to generate pay stubs free online using an instant program. There are options out there for those who are looking to change their payroll systems and need something that is more time and cost effective.

Online payroll portals can be an asset to your business as they can help organize pay stubs and ensure your employees are paid on time without the additional manpower this task usually requires.

This is a simple task that can be completed within minutes and continue to benefit your company from here on out.

To generate pay stubs online for free, follow these steps:

1. Register

Making your payroll an online system can be completed within minutes using some simple information from the company. To get started, enter some simple details such as the company name, work schedule, and salary details.

This will be used by the program to set up your pay stubs, and it can be automated to prevent this process from having to be done again.

2. Set It Up

You can customize the pay stubs to make sure they fit in with the branding of your company. There are customization options for the theme and layout of pay stubs, which you can design based on your needs.

In this step, you can also preview the pay stub to make sure that it fits your needs.

3. Download and Print

Once you have set up your pay stubs, they are ready to download. This is an instant process, and you have the choice to print the pay stubs or download them as a digital file.

With this portal, you can provide your employees with digital or physical pay stubs depending on the needs of the company.

For many businesses, online pay stubs are easier to manage because they will not become lost or disorganized as easily as paperwork does. With this portal program, you have the option to provide either kind of document to your employees based on your needs.

Why Use An Online Payroll Portal?

An online payroll portal can save a lot of time within your business, and it is a great way to ensure you remain organized at all times of the year.

Pay stubs are important documents at all points of the working year, but they are vital during tax season, and this is usually when companies have to deal with the backlog. If your company struggles to say ahead of things when it comes to pay stubs, then it is time to consider another system that will prevent stress later on in the year.

The fact that pay stubs can be generated instantly online allows you to provide your employees with their vital documents on time at all points in the year. Whether their salary is monthly or weekly, it is easy to generate pay stubs and provide them to your workers as this is an instant, free process online.

The portal will contain all of the essential information required to generate pay stubs at any point, and the process can be automated to take even more tasks off your hands.

This is something that can benefit all kinds of businesses but is especially important for smaller companies who do not have the additional resources which are needed to remain organized.

Pay stubs are important documents that can be used in a range of circumstances, so you need to get them right. An online pay stub generator can save time and ensure you stay on top of your to-do list without additional resources required.