Intelliscreenx7 ios 7 jailbreak

IntelliScreenX, the popular jailbreak tweak is about to release for iOS7. IntelliScreenX is one of the most popular and ground breaking tweak ever. It provides various types of features and easy accessibility to Facebook, twitter, mail and more.IntelliScreenX was not updated for iOS 7 but now it is updated and will be launched in coming days. ISX7 is not available for download as of now, it is still in development mode. But IntelliBorn has posted screenshot and a teaser video ahead of launch.

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Check Out the Video Walk-through below:

The developer says that beta of IntelliscreenX7 will be released soon. Last week the team has said that beta will be out in a week. Now they have posted video of ISX7. According to developer there is minor work done before they releases the beta of IntelliScreenX7.

IntelliScreenX7_SlideIntelliScreenX is jailbreak tweak which allows several functionality to user right from the the lock screen. User can view Calendar, Email, Text Messages, News, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, and more from your iPhone “Slide To Unlock” screen. There is Taskbar icon for Missed Email, SMS, iMessage, Phone calls and Silent Status. User can use Facebook wall, like ans comment on status from the Lockscreen. It has Quick reply feature for SMS/iMessage also.

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It is expected that beta will be available in couple of days. Current version of IntelliScreenX costs $9.99, so the new version will be carry the same price tag. If you already on IntelliScreenX6 then you won’t get free upgrade you will have to pay $4.99 to get the new version.

IntelliScreenX has a quite hefty price tag but the features it offers cover up the price tag.

Update : IntelliScreenX7 is now available on ModMyi repo. Refresh cydia packages to find out. There is three day trial period also in case you want to try before paying so much.