iOS 8 leaked screenshots
Apple has just released iOS 7.1, the major update to iOS 7. But rumors for iOS 8 are already floating. iOS 8 is still six months away from public release and at-least three months away before beta release. But rumors are not stopping, it is long rumored that Apple is working healthbook app for iPhone and iPad.

Now purported screenshots of iOS 8 leaks the HealthBook icon for iOS 8. The screenshots were originally shared on Weibo, but 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman has confirmed that this leaked screenshots are genuine. The icons which are leaked are genuine and work is done on this features says Mark.

Other icons which are leaked are of Preview, TextEdit App. The leaked screenshot also has suspicious icon of ‘Tips‘ App. As of it is unknown what this new icon Tips will do. But if we go by name then it be guide for using iPhone or iPad or it may be tips for using all these new apps.
iOS 8 settings menu
Above screenshot is of setting menu from iOS 8. The screenshot clearly shows that version of device is iOS 8.
iOS 8 HealthBook icon
HealthBook is expected to be complimented with apple upcoming iWatch. As you can see in the icon above that it has three layers of Red, Green and orange color. Where Red depicts Blood pressure, Green depicts Heart Rate and Orange depicts Calories burned. HealthBook app will keep track of user health records. Above is high resolution MockUp of HealthBook App icon.

Preview and TextEdit apps are already present on Mac. Apple is bringing both these apps to the iOS ecosystem. Both these help in editing documents and iCloud Synchronization across devices. These apps will help in sync documents across iOS and Mac Devices.