iPhone 6 case leakedYesterday, Front panel and battery of iPhone 6 was leaked. And now purported case of iPhone 6 has been leaked. The leak comes from Sonny Dickson who has somewhat reliable track record with iPhone components.


Sonny Dickson has posted several photos of alleged iPhone 6 case. He posted photos on his twitter account. The case in the photos is bigger than current iPhone 5s and is consistent with previous leaks.

The above case has power/sleep button on its right side, current iPhone 5s has button on top side. Previous reports has suggested that next iPhone will have button on right side.

The case also has slimmer depth compared to current iPhone. All these consistent leaks suggest that next iPhone would definitely sport a bigger screen.

However, authenticity of this cases cannot be confirmed. By seeing so many leaks we are not far away from getting complete picture of iPhone 6 way before Apple launches it officially.