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There were many reports previously which suggested that Apple is planning to launch bigger iPhone this year. There were rumors that apple is testing many screen sizes, mostly likely were 4.7 inch and 5.7 inch model. But now a Chinese site C Technology posted a pair of photos of what was claimed to be an internal frame for Apple’s next-generation iPhone, The leaked frame is carrying screen size of 4.7, which earlier reports have suggested. This frame is larger that Apple current iPhone which has 4 inch display. The leaked frame above have bigger display, it also has thinner body than current iPhone.

Ever since the photos have been leaked, it been latest chatter topic around the Tech community, Many people claims it to be fake. some reports says that this photos may be genuine. Earlier with iPhone 5s and 5c also C Technology had leaked many parts, the website also leaked chassis of golden iPhone 5s and all those leaks were found to be true. So Authenticity of device couldn’t be denied, as Website has proven track record of authentic leaks.

We personally don’t think that this image are genuine as Apple uses uni-body design in its devices, and this frame doesn’t seems to be based on unibody, Apple will not use old technology instead of better unibody design. Well this is early to claim any thing. We are still months away from the official launch of device. There were reports that Apple may launch their new bigger iPhone in May this year. So this time we may see the new iPhone earlier than expected. So lets wait and watch, what new leaks arrives and when apple releases the new iPhone.

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