With the rise of corporate culture in the 1960s, the global business domain has boomed and never looked back. There are scores of business specializations and roles in the domain and hundreds of business degrees catering to the development of eligible candidates for these roles.

With constant developments and innovations in the business domain, business degrees have adapted their curriculums to keep students up to date. Most business curriculums are very extensive and complex, especially for those from a different academic background.

If you are interested in a business career but are intimidated by the apparent difficulty in pursuing a business administration course, this blog can reassure you. Read ahead to learn more about the feasibility of a business administration course.

How hard can a business administration course be?

Although business education programmes have to cater to the fundamentals of business operations and management, it is a common misconception that all business courses are hard and pursuing them would be taking on more than you can chew.

In reality, there are different types and levels of courses and curriculums that cater to different stages in educational qualifications. Ranging from certificate courses in business administration, professional diplomas, short courses, or formal degrees such as a bachelor’s or a master’s programme, you can choose any type of business administration course as per your educational background and professional interests.

What are the different types of business administration degrees?

Here are the major categories of courses in business administration that are available today.

Associate’s degree in business administration

An associate’s degree in business administration acts as an introductory course for the business domain after the completion of your high school. Most associate degrees cover only the basics and do not venture into the depth of the subject. Hence, you might have to complement an associate degree with a bachelor’s course to start your career.

Diploma course in business administration

Diploma courses in business administration are more comprehensive than associate programmes and cover a lot more subjects. Many universities also offer diploma courses with co-op placement facilities that provide a practical experience of working in the business field. Many students opt for diploma courses when they want to start their careers soon after high school or cannot afford a formal degree.

Bachelors of business administration or BBA

Most bachelor’s degrees in business administration consolidate the fundamental disciplines and principles of business operations and management. Most colleges ensure that their curriculum’s also address the development of other essential skills such as business arithmetic, networking, business communication or branding.

Masters of business administration or MBA

Master’s programmes in business administration are usually designed to delve into a specific aspect of the discipline such as business strategies, marketing or business research. An MBA is considered as one of the most premium business degrees and is coveted by thousands of students across the globe.

If you are new to the business domain and would like to join an introductory course that covers the fundamentals, pursuing an online diploma in business administration can be the right choice for you. Obtain a diploma in business administration to establish a successful business career in the future.