Email marketing is just a fancy way of saying that you will market your business using email. Although the mechanisms are simple, the benefits of marketing your business through email are priceless. Mail is usually a free and fast way to communicate with the customers. If it is used effectively, it can increase the customer base, and in turn, help the business reach greater heights. In this article we will take a look at the various benefits of email marketing and ways in which it can help your business prosper.

One of the most simple and effective uses of email marketing is when it comes to announcing offers and updates to currently existing services. The kind of business offers that can be sent through emails include promotional deals or daily offers as well as auto responders.

When done correctly, email marketing can bring in quite a bit of market and profit. The way it works is that initially, you must make a list of consumers as well as prospective customers who you want to interact with. The way email marketing works is similar to exactly how it works for any other traditional means of advertisement through radio and television. The goal is to maintain regular contact with the customer so they will have your business at the top of their minds. In this way, whenever they require any service or product, the first name that comes to their mind is yours!

Some of the ways in which email marketing can help any business grow and prosper are:

1. Increases brand value and makes a subconscious effect on customers

When a brand continuously shows their brand name and logo in front of probable customers, it creates a brand recognition as well as awareness among the customers even if the duration of time they see it is not long. It has a huge subconscious effect on customers when the same logo, tagline, and the color palette is repeatedly put in front of customers. It creates a lasting effect on people’s minds.

2. Connecting with the target market becomes ridiculously easy

Email marketing helps a business in a way that other forms of marketing cannot. Using email marketing, a business professional can predict the target customers to whom to promote the product. This can also work wonders, especially when someone is well marketed. They might buy the product when they need it from the business that is promoting it more often. Furthermore, they can refer their relatives, family and peers to it as well. In this way, email marketing can help increase the market base.

3. Gives credibility to the business

Trust can be earned from the customers when detailed, regular emails of decent quality are sent to customers. When such quality contact is made with the customers and the people start trusting your business model, they are more likely to come to you when they require the service that you provide.

4. Updating the present customers

Email can be an amazing way to promote your products and services to the existing customers. The latest updates and upcoming features can be made known to the customers with relative ease. This ensures that the present customers remain interested in your business for the long term.

5. Better opportunities come knocking on your door

Email marketing, when done correctly, can induce a butterfly effect by which people who are interested in joint ventures for strategic partnerships might reach out to you. Media attention as well as all kinds of opportunities might come your way after seeing your email newsletter. This can happen in a variety of ways, one of which is when the right person gets to view your newsletter at just the right time.

6. Income opportunities

Email newsletters can include advertisements as well, which can help you earn more besides your own products and services. When your newsletter has decent quality and is being regularly sent, it can help you get commissions on any sales that are made via your referral.

7. Email marketing generates a new avenue of expansion of the network

When more people view your email newsletter they become a part of your network. When users opt for email newsletters through an opt-in box, you get to see their email addresses. When these users give their names and email addresses, they are effectively giving you permission to send them emails which might contain advertisements.

8. Email marketing emails can be used as a further source of marketing

Out of those email newsletters, the ones which reach a commendable position in terms of quality and expertise, can be used to generate an e-book or a guide which can be further used for content marketing. These newsletters can be organized and customers can be attracted to them by giving them this content when they choose to opt in.

9. A greater audience base can be reached

The very same email newsletters which were used to promote the products and services can be used to create blog posts shared on social media. These posts can be impactful in increasing the exposure of the brand.

10. All of the above can be done with minimal costs

The cost of email advertising has decreased immensely. Emails have become an essential tool to communicate between business organizations today. Money is not being wasted on papers and postal charges. Furthermore, emails are so convenient that they can reach anywhere on time with minimal effort on the user’s part.

A designer can help an organization to have that custom-built graphic newsletter template which can be used to promote their brand uniqueness and increase their exposure.

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How often should you mail your clients?

Once you have decided that email marketing is a process that you will use to market your product, you must decide on a possible schedule. Good marketing schedules consist of emails which are scheduled ahead of time. Any organization must come up with email newsletters that are scheduled to offer regular announcements and reminders for the subscribers.


If your business doesn’t do a lot of promotions or launches, a weekly article can help the clients to have your brand name right on the tip of their tongues.

Alternate week

If your organization conducts regular launches as well as promotions or ventures, then an email every alternate week can provide the best results. Weeks which don’t have any particularly commendable business promotion or launches can be utilized to get other marketing strategies completed.


Many experts feel that a monthly email is a complete disaster because of the large gap of making contact. That might have been true if that was the only marketing strategy in place. If your organization does blogging actively or is extremely active on social media sites, then email marketing can be used sparingly to derive the same results.

Only when there is an update

Today, more business executives have started to feel that emails shouldn’t be sent out just to adhere to the email marketing schedule. They believe that email newsletters must only be sent when there is something to announce or if there is something important to share. Thus, there has been a change in the mentality of all the managers. In the modern world, everyone’s emails are so crowded that when a person realizes something is not required, they tend to ignore it completely. Therefore, the problem with sending too many emails which have no content whatsoever is that the users might start to ignore the emails all together.

Tips to optimize the newsletter schedule

Make a conscious decision on creating a schedule and always adhere to it.

Being consistent is more important than anything else. It doesn’t make sense if you are sending two newsletters on two days back-to-back and then disappear for a month afterward. Being consistent helps to gain trust of the customers.

Make sure to choose the day, which works for you.

Some experts feel that it is the Tuesdays that garnish a lot of attention. On the other     hand, some others feel that weekends are the best. Some will tell you that morning works best for them, whereas others feel it is the late evenings. You must figure out for yourself what works best and stick to it. The time and day must coincide with the     workflow.

Do not fall for false warnings or peer pressure

Many blogs or guides may tell you that your business shall never become successful unless you send out at least one newsletter a week. That is not true. Never listen to that kind of advice. Keep it simple and make your customers believe that you are providing     value their time.

When you are not sure when to send to your subscribers, make it a point to ask them. 

It works best if you conduct a survey right after asking your subscribers to opt in. The survey might contain questions which include when the customers would like to have their email newsletters delivered. In this way, email marketing can boost your business if done well.

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