Apple with its strict guidelines for App Store ,doesn’t allow developers to make a Torrent client. Previously some Torrent clients debuts on App Store, but that apps didn’t last long and Apple pulled them off. Torrent has always been topic of controversy, because many torrent files are pirated. But not all files are pirated, that’s why we are covering this torrent client for iPhone and iPad.

iTransmission 4 by And Wiik is a new jailbreak app which is a native bit torrent client for iOS. It is a new version of iTransmission 3 with iOS 7. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod running iOS 4 to iOS 7. It is also compatible with arm 64 architecture which features in iPhone 5s and iPad Air. The app is available for free in Cydia Bigg boss repo.


It has many features like magnet download, sleep mode, insomnia mode. The app doesn’t let wifi turned off after inactivity so that downloading doesn’t stop. The app downloads the file even the device is locked. Downloading continuous in background mode also. User can set download and upload limits on downloading and many more.

iTransmission 4 is available for free in Cydia for iOS 4 through iOS 7. Get this app and download torrent files in iPhone and iPad.

Note : we don’t support or endorse piracy or Warez in any type. We are strictly against pirated content.