Converting radio waves into energy was conceived back in 1964 and patented by William C. Brown. It’s a simple antenna with a rectifier commonly known as rectenna and all RFID tags contain a small rectenna to supply the electronics with power when close to the proper frequency.

Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei

Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei

Xin Wei and Alexandre Despallieres developed a totally different kind of animal, they first overcome the problematic of RF/DC conversion and pushed further the boundary of technologies to deliver Stick’n Charge. It’s a tiny device, tiny but powerful enough to charge all our IoT gadgets. But for them it wasn’t sufficient enough, they now beam this energy collected from the ambient and transfer it contact-less into any smartphone that support induction charge like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

“We bet on quality rather on cheap products that won’t last.” Said Alexandre Despallieres. “We are proud to deliver green product totally Made in France at different prices to please all budgets. We also manufacture some piece of art, the introduction of luxury accessories for our elite brand will definitely makes the difference, because our products are made to please everyone and to suit perfectly your home.” Concerning the incorporation of K3OPS in the city of Marseille Alexandre explained: “We recently moved back to Paris, our adventure started in ‘Serris, Seine-et-Marne’, as much as I wanted to establish our business in Marseille because my father was born there, with Xin we decided to go back to the Capital. Some people from the ‘SAN Val d’Europe’ such as Benoit Fleury has always supported us, Laure Heinich-Luijer is another reason… To many fantastic persons and the most beautiful city in the world. So we are back to the source and ready to incorporate the company in Paris. We will definitely stop our UK companies, especially after the Brexit.”

It will be interesting to find out how far this technology set of RF energy harvesters will evolve considering that K3OPS offers a wide variety of home automation devices from smart bulbs, thermostats, motion sensors, smoke and CO2 detectors, smart locks; Wi-Fi enabled cameras and much more. Embedded with an intelligent microcontroller that takes into account the different factors such as meteorological to regulate the temperature and optimize your expenses. K3OPS delivers an endless source of green energy, environmentally friendly and require no maintenance.

Xin Wei declared: “K3OPS is a system that operates on radio frequencies energy acquisition to power all gadgets from the IoT. Since radio waves are everywhere and they all contain energy! With more than 7 billion of cell phones in use, the abundance of cellular networks, Wi-Fi hotspots… RF Energy Harvesting is today the best candidate to power source devices such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, smartphones… And this is just the beginning… We can effectively collect and properly convert that energy in your environments. We optimized the frequencies to harvest to avoid any interference with other communication devices nearby. To make it simple: the lights will shut down if you are not at home, the temperature sets back and the alarm arms itself for your protection. We implemented highly secure communication protocols to ensure a constant monitoring of your home, to prevent any risk of fire or any intrusion attempts. We want you to save money on your annual home energy use.” He then added: “we will radically change the charge!”

K3OPS - La Lumière - Luxury Edition

K3OPS – La Lumière – Luxury Edition

To conclude: Alexandre Despallieres and Xin wei decided to simplify your life by providing a comfortable and a secure environment for you and all your family.