Rewarded in the Top Ten Engineering Inventions of 2015 for having hustled all laws of physics, Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei started the revolution in the field of green energy with K3OPS, providing a renewable new source of electricity. They both created a system that recycles energy from electromagnetic pollution and converts in continuous electricity to supply every day’s products and of course all our IoT.

Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei

Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei

Alexandre Despallieres said: “The main problem with the Internet of Things is the serious securities breaches. There will be inevitable incidents due to our insecure terminals that can definitely compromise the entire network of a company and all individuals. This reality is by far the most important issue we are facing, it requires solutions and needs to be resolved as fast as possible. Just talking about numbers; as of today, 5.5 million new connected devices are sold and in service every day. According to Gartner report, we will reach more than 20 billion devices connected to the internet by the year 2020. Some severe attacks are going to hustle and take everything in their path; this is why if we want to avoid cybercrimes, it is crucial to work on new solid standards, it is essential to establish new protocols that could establish trust between services / terminals as well as monitoring all objects wirelessly connected to the internet to prevent cyber-attacks.”

K3OPS the leader in RF energy harvesting manufactures from France their products to guaranty the best of quality. They take very seriously the security of their customers. This total lack of security is critical in all the current systems and a major concern for everyone. When we connect any kind of devices to internet, we offer various entries for hackers. The company that delivers Home Automation System for a comfortable and a secure environment will not admit any gap between innovation and security.

Xin Wei explained: “Our technology permits a two-state quantum-mechanical communication system between the nodes to dispatch information and energy through intelligent microcontroller for Home Automation. However, it has to be an end-to-end security, if you use a gateway for example or plug your device to internet; you are going to expose all your information to hackers. This is what everyone needs to understand, the net is not secure at all. No matter what you think, you are at risk and even if the solution would be to catch the enemies before they harm you too much, we cannot anticipate what will be the method of attackers and there are too many breaches of securities discovered every day. From ransomware attack to Spear phishing, there are too many ways for hackers to make your life miserable and steal all your information. At this very moment, the only proper protection is to encrypt data and communications just like Google or Apple do. Nevertheless, governments burden them to access all encrypted data. Welcome to ‘the crypto wars’!”

K3OPS LogoSome lucky consumers and journalists had a chance to get these products into their hands. Unlike products from the past, the technology behind K3OPS‘s products actually works like a charm and are powerful enough to charge the most sophisticated smartphones and all the wireless connected devices. The K3 Case is a real game-changer; it enables users to charge their phone by simply using this protective case. The two creators of this Trillion Dollars market concluded: “We offer free energy that would normally be wasted if not harvested.”