K3OPS by STICKnCHARGE LTD. further pushed the boundaries of technology and the laws of physics with the new smartphone cover case that contact-less beams the energy, derived from ambient radio frequencies signals converted into DC to charge by induction your phone. So the battery is getting charged without actually connecting to port using the most efficient and sophisticated RF Energy Harvesting systems in the market.

Alexandre Despallieres, Xin Wei

Alexandre Despallieres, Xin Wei

Few days ago Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei, the two creators of this breakthrough technology published the “Let’s call China by induction!” In the video, they reached Jun YUAN, in-charge of the Robotic and AI department. He is very excited to be a part of the adventure and he will be announcing in Marseille this month different partnerships and the releasing date.

Xin Wei explained: “Whether you’re at home, in the streets, at Starbucks, or at the office you will never have to charge your smartphone anymore, never run out of power or even to seek an outlet.” He intentionally kept the best, unveiling just few weeks before the official launch of their products: “Energy on the Move”, meaning no more cable at all!”

This technology was developed by Xin Wei and Alexandre Despallieres which operates with a personal identification number, which allows information exchange, management of the storage unit, the encryption protocols and remote control by means of applications dedicated to the different modes of system functions. As small as it is, Stick’N Charge embed a multilayer antennas network for both wide-band and multi-band operation, working in cooperative relay scavenging ranges between 0.2 to 5.8 GHz (covering radiation from all of domestic appliances) and the use of other standard & specific protocol allowing signal isolation optimized for direct digital-to-analogue conversion. Constant analysis of the environment based on any ambient changes; ensure self-correction of the frequencies to harvest in the appropriate source without interfering with any other wireless communication systems nearby. This leads to a multitude of choices from direct power, power supply on demand or to power on a scheduled basis for Home Automation.

WEI Xin explained: “Renewable energy technologies lead in significant social and economic benefits such as reducing environmental pollution caused by burning of fossil fuels and improve public health. Since current electric batteries contain noxious and hazardous metals known for harming the environment, a solution was needed to avoid the waste of our natural resources like nickel, cadmium, mercury, lead, zinc or lithium which extraction is a particularly polluting process. We are committed to conduct business in an ethical, environmentally friendly and socially responsible way and found the best way to cope with electromagnetic pollution issues by recycling energy from electromagnetic pollution into continuous green electricity.”

Alexandre Despallieres concluded in French :

« Je suis Français et fier de mon pays. Mon père, d’origine Corse, est né à Marseille, commencer l’aventure ici est un juste retour à mes sources, une évidence, mais surtout le plus bel hommage que je puisse rendre à ma famille. »

The above text translates to English as:

I am French and proud of my country. My father, of Corsican origin, was born in Marseille, begin the adventure. Here is a just return to my sources, obvious, but especially the best tribute I can pay to my family.

STICKnCHARGE LTD. really is the “greenest” company in the world, not only they will reduce carbon dioxide emissions but most likely what is remarkable with them; is the fact that the energy they provide is totally free and branded “Made in France”.