At few weeks of the announcement for the release of K3OPS products, Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei invited some journalists for the most incredible presentation ever done. We were at the ‘Palais du Pharo’ in the magnificent garden that offers a breath-taking view to the MuCEM, the old port and the Fort Saint Jean in Marseille France. They both look like kids, playing around with all the latest Samsung devices. “It is time to admit: with Samsung products, we reach the Edge of emotion.” Declared Alexandre with a platinum Samsung Watch on his wrist while Xin used the Galaxy S7 and the Gear 360.

Alexandre Despallieres

XIN WEI and Alexandre Despallieres

If they are not preparing something big with Samsung, then I am not a journalist! Let’s recap their incredible story:

Xin WEI graduated in Mathematics from France and in 2012, with Alexandre Despallieres, they developed SQUID the wellness Wristband. They incorporated the company in the UK just to make research, development and to establish a solid business plan. It took them more than 4 years to definitely achieve this revolution in green energy. Their system has been tested in all environments and in every possible condition, presented to the press and to various partners. Meantime they decided to make a real change in Home Automation by providing secure protocols because for them your safety is a priority and so far, as they already explained, everything that require a gateway expose you to real risk. So once again, they decided to change the rules in order to provide Home Automation as much secure as it could be.

After the presentation, Alexandre Despallieres said: “Without Laure Heinich-Luijer, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this. She is a remarkable human being, very clever and very fair. She wrote a splendid book called ‘Porter leur Voix’ at Fayard edition, she writes in L’Obs, Rue 89 and also she is my attorney. She pushed me to go for it. I will never forget her help, the time, the support and the advice she gave me each time I get lost. If we choose Marseille to make different demonstrations to the press, it is because my Father was born here but nothing would have been possible without Laure. She is the very first person that received our product, we were chatting over text messages while she opened the box, her reaction was: ‘Chut, je suis en train de visser mon ampoule🙂 merci, tout le cabinet est épaté !’ The translation is: “Silence, I am installing the light-bulb and everyone at the office is amazed!” her sentence put a smile on my face of course and touches my heart. If we have been awarded ‘Top Engineering Inventions of 2015’ by In compliance Magazine, it’s because of her.”

Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei, the 2 mastermind behind all this technology demonstrated another innovation: the induction charging with the use of “Stick’n Charge” embedded into a Samsung flip cover, powerful enough to charge the Galaxy S7 by induction, recycling the energy derived from ambient electromagnetic radiation. That moment was pure magic!

Xin WEI said: “Energy really is everywhere; you just have to consider this horde of molecules, of photons, of electrons and the crowd of particles that surrounds us are in motion, so everything that circulates in the air hold energy. We fight those who disrespect another human being and any industry that destroys our planet. Our goal is to provide solutions for a better world, in a more equitable society.”

They both concluded by mentioning Paris, “We cannot deliver the best products of all if we are not in the most beautiful city in the world.” We cannot wait for the next invitation in the Capital where they will unveil the Luxury Collection from their brand and live another moment of magic.