Everybody knows that wireless devices are emitting radiation, but of course, there’s no need to worry as smartphones are governed to follow safety standards to ensure that the emitted radiation is small enough as not to be harmful to its users. However, what if there are abundant devices? Should we be concerned? If we just have a look at the market known as ‘Internet of Things”, projection shows 500 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by the year 2025. Of course all of them will generate always more and more radiations and will require more energy to run. This is why renewable energy is the key element to power up all those gadgets.

K3OPS BatteryA company called K3OPS seemingly recognizes this issue which is why they aim to revolutionize the clean energy technology and have made ground breaking advancements with inventions like the “Stick’N Charge”. A patch that transforms any ambient RF into DC power thereby making the mobile phone charges itself. Because of such technology, separate chargers are no longer required which obviously follow less electronic waste. This free energy is strong and stable enough to power or to charge most of our ‘IoT’ devices. It is Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei’s version of the new “Plug’N Play” and as they stick as a tag line: ‘Energy on the Move’ that provides an on demand power supply suitable for any smartphones and all wearable devices.

“Quality is the key, it has always been and this is what we want to produce. In order to deliver products that last the best choice is ‘Made in France’. All our harvesters come with a lifetime warranty”, announced Xin Wei in a recent interview. “We decided to open a French based company in Marseille in the south of France because I personally love France, I live in France, Ieven studied mathematics in France. The advancement of heavy industries is unbelievable, the TGV, Airbus, not to mention the automobile that have been invented in this country. No matter what they accomplished, France always ranks at first position, may it about fashion or for the gastronomy, may it is for the Scientifics research or about Art. Innovations is at every corner, it is in the culture, there is a famous sentence ‘In France we don’t have oil, but we do have ideas’ it’s true, with this thinking those Gallic roosters have contributed the world with their inventions and make the humanity progressed. Marseille is a city rich in history and plays an important role in the French history. This wonderful city also has a meaning for my partner Alexandre Despallieres since his father was born there, so he is back to his root.Recently we were at ‘La BanquePostale’ since we trust this bank, and to my knowledge ‘La Poste’ is a company that has been there since 500 years. This is not just a regular country, it is way more. For all those reasons the label made in France is mandatory.”

Alexandre Xin

Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei

The freshly French-based company aims to make the environment cleaner and safer for the succeeding generations. K3OPS raised the green movement in renewable energy and leads the humanity to the next level of the civilization.