In a month from now, Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei, the two founders of K3OPS and stick’n Charge, will be speakers at the 12th Edition of Africa Telecom People (ATP), to be held in October the 6th and 7th 2016 at the Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire. Organized by Reseau Telecom Network magazine, under the management of Mr. Serge Patrick SERY, Executive Producer Mr. Oswald LOUEKE, Ms Estelle GBOHOU, Ms Estelle Kouadio and Mr. Augustin AKOU among other professionals, this event is one of the most important meetings in the field of telecommunication. This forum hosts the most respected speakers, receives worldwide leaders and renowned experts in the field of new technologies.

Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei

Xin Wei and Alexandre Despallieres

“In a perfect world; everything is Smart, the watch is smart, and eventually I moved into a smart building using a smart car; But all of the sudden, the smart environment makes me a smart person or dependant… Are they really smart or is it just another trend? Call me stupid but I am confused with the definition itself. I would rather be myself clever even if I use an automatic dumb watch, if I dare use a regular phone and if my home is a “Home sweet home”. Am I smart enough to be controlled by machines or can I still keep my right to think? The smart move is not to depend on those ‘Things’ because they are just machines. I do make mistakes, I do have feelings, I am far from perfect but overall this is what defines me as a human being”. Said Alexandre Despallieres.

“Forging more secure code, reconsidering the architecture and improving our protocols during the application development stage are keys elements if we want to prevent a real disaster. It is urgent for developers to write better code to ensure a better security in coding to protect our IoT from hackers. We unfortunately encounter the limits due to the human factor causing vulnerabilities in our systems, leading to an increasing amount of cyber-attacks. Developers do not fundamentally ponder security because they just want to deliver code in a shorter time. Also with the abundance of devices, they are now relying on a much bigger network than what they can write. Therefore, they will not even bother to write more secure code they rather use too many open source tools taking advantage of the complexity of our software environments to be lazy. From building systems logic architecture to the writing software phase, everything should be controlled twice before its public release. Because now they are just trying to fix some problems, to patch one security flow after the other from an archaic system that passed most of the lifecycle stages and require more than anything to be changed.” Explained Xin Wei.

K3OPS technology operates on Radio Frequencies energy acquisition and extracts from different bandwidths. The harvester is coupled to a low-loss tuning circuit with an ultra-sensitive receiver that maximizes the extracted signal. An independent and isolated energy storage space is allocated for the intelligent microcontroller powering through an analogue-signal. Even if a Wi-Fi signal can generate enough energy to power remote sensors, it is still unclear in term of safety for the users and long-term exposure effects for the health. In addition, since this is not a constant source and decrease based on traffic patterns, they intentionally avoid the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.

“There are tremendous advantages using the new technologies if we implement solutions in order to get rid of the cybercriminals. We do have a responsibility toward our customers,” concluded Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei: “to ensure security to offer a better experience and to provide products that are made to last.”