Energy Harvesting for Carrier handset offerings “Stick’N Charge” a 100% constant ambient RF energy is by far the most fantastic innovation. The recent news about K3OPS to partner with a major global Internet carrier leaked from a trusted source has been confirmed this Saturday evening by Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei seeing in a prestigious hotel from the group Accor in the south of France.

Alexandre Despallieres, Xin Wei

Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei

“Surrounding the potential of RF Energy Harvesting in a commercialized concept ready for network operators’ handset portfolio is a really hard choice that requires being at peace. We live in Marseille and needed to make a crucial decision concerning a long term partnerships with a cellphone carrier, which leads us to stay at the Sofitel Vieux Port. The team that received us has been remarkable, the place is so elegant,very discrete and as we say in French: it’s so chic! They really went beyond our expectation and reached the perfection, this is why we will for sure organize our next events at this location.” Said the two founders of this breakthrough technology that overcome the problem of RF/DC conversion and delivering to consumers a solution to enjoy using their smartphones without having to recharge them. “Stick’NCharge” is a small and inexpensive device that is configured to the charging station of any cellphone. It receives a constant stream of ambient RF energy to power any cellphone indefinitely without the need for batteries.

Since batteries, which contain toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel, can be removed from all cellphones through the application of ‘Stick’N Charge’ devices, a network operator can then market itself as the “greenest” cellphone carrier by offering such devices to its consumers.

STICKNCHARGE LTD recycles energy from electromagnetic pollution and converts such RF waste into continuous electricity to supply everyday products like cellphones and any IoT devices. Unlike solar powered devices, RF radiations are constant in any environment; so any consumers would have an endless energy supply at their fingertips. They developed Home Automation systems under the brand K3OPS and household appliances. Jun YUAN graduated from the UK in IT systems Security, Computer vision specialized for internet application and Semantic Web Engineering; the most complex and important for machine Learning programs. In 2009, he co-founded the company UUROBOT and was deeply involved in the industry of artificial intelligent.

With cellphones at a constant 100% re-charged level through use of “Stick N’ Charge”, the operator’s LTE Plus Network should consistently function at peak condition, further amplifying this network’s claims to have the fastest and most efficient LTE network. Not only can this device set up an operator as a “rebranded” carrier who does more to promote “green” recycling than any other market competitor, but can also advertise that their fast Network can perform constant at peak levels when handsets sold and leased are electrically charged at 100% through use of “Stick’N Charge”

K3OPS uses different protocols of transmission to prevent cyber-attacks to offer a comfortable and secure environment for users. The Company has already made the change in ‘green energy’, the company that became leader in RF Energy Harvesting is now raising the vulnerabilities of the ‘Internet of Things’ market and corrects the mistakes from the past.