The new Semico Research report “Energy Harvesting: The Next Billion Dollar Market for Semiconductors” confers the latest trends in energy harvesting, the growing ecosystem, the technical innovations and stated that Energy Harvesting is driving semiconductor sales up to $3B by 2020. K3OPS is cited in the 70 pages long report that includes 11 tables and 24 figures among companies like Texas Instruments, Apple or ST microelectronics.
K3OPS Stick N Charge
K3OPS is the brand that reunites the different Home Automation from STICKNCHARGE LTD that develops and markets the most efficient and sophisticated RF Energy Harvesting System in the market. The company offers various solutions to ensure to their customers a total control to manage their electricity consumption through dynamic demand in order to limit climate effects from our energy needs. Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei, the two creators of the first power bank that delivers an endless supply of green electricity at no cost, raised major concerns about the environmental impacts in a society that requires more and more electricity. They were the first to denounce the serious lack of security from all wireless connected devices and became leader in the field of Renewable Energy imposing new rules for the ‘Internet of Things’ to protect your privacy and to ensure that no one could steal your data.

Xin Wei said: “the risk is no longer just a warning but an actual fact due to the massive proliferation of billions of devices connected to the internet. This precarious situation needs to be corrected before the worst hits all of us. This will take time to implement all kind of new security protocols, most likely it will take years, but no one can remain deaf or blind face to the threat. This is why it is necessary to take action, all together, in cooperation and not against each other. We are well aware of the vulnerability of those systems, we all know the danger of internet especially with the youngest, the problem of stolen identity and all the frauds that came along. This must stop, we can stop it and we will.”
K3OPs telecommande
On his side, Alexandre Despallieres explained: “There is a saying in China: ‘once someone pass the river, he destroys the bridge’. But, Thursday the 21st of April 2016, the first train arrived in Lyon (France) coming from Wuhan (China). This unprecedented event has definitely engraved in the stone the strong relation between our countries, but not only. For the first time, the ‘saying’ I mentioned above has been corrected for the best by President Xi Jinping. He dares to build more bridges to make his people believing again, giving them hope and freedom, announcing a new era. After his reform against the corruption that weaken the enemies, from the outside and also from the inside, President Xi succeeded to be the chief of the Chinese Army. However, some enemies are still trying to sabotage and destroy the bridge, enemies from the previous government like Liu Yunshan controlling the press, and Zhang Gaoli, both involved in the Panama Papers scandal. I am French but having my family in China, the recent change in my second country makes me so very proud. So definitely yes: one man can change everything since determination always leads to success.”

K3OPS that has already won among several prizes in the top Engineering Invention for the Year 2015, aims to transform thoughts into real products in order to build beyond imagination for a better life in a sustainable society.