Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei

K3OPS not known for half measures seems determined to go down in energy history. While the industry is still trying to ineffectively gather DC from ambient RF, Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei went the other direction and demonstrated their advancement in this field to a point that gets competitors scrambling back to their drawing boards. The video below shows an incandescent light bulb that requires 220V and consumes 40W is powered and controlled with a tiny patch using K3OPS’ nano-controllers.

All market surveys indicate that this product has a high ‘want factor’ not just among early adaptors but across all kind of customer base. Tech pundits worldwide are falling over themselves filling their columns with reviews and speculation on its incorporated technology and their choosing partners, causing waves in both tech and consumer circles. We can relate the legendary ‘intel inside’ with ‘K3OPS inside’. This game changer is categorically assigning the ‘FrenchTech’ to the next frontier, and even beyond any kind of limits, that will revolutionize electricity, proposing endless possibilities, offering a clean source of energy, to everyone. And it is just the beginning!

Their new corporation branding presentation has been unveiled recently with simple sentences such as: If energy has an alternative? … K3OPS is the alternative!

“We have been approached by so many brands, that I don’t even know if choosing the proper partners were more difficult than overcome the problematic of a good conversion RF/DC.” Said Alexandre Despallieres. “We are incorporating K3OPS in Paris; we step back from the UK since it was only for research and development. Since the beginning we mentioned France because this country leads all creativity and companies are world leaders. The ‘Made in France’ is the excellence that combines guarantee of security and quality for our customers.” Said Xin WEI.

The STICKnCHARGE is quintessential K3OPS, a marriage of design and cutting edge technology. If simplicity is this product’s philosophy it also proves it can keep you connected no matter where you are, unleashing ‘Energy on the Move’, it’s oh so cool!