Back in 2015, Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei, the two masterminds behind K3OPS demonstrated the 1st international call dialing by non-battery phone in the world unveiling STICK’N Charge™, a patch that makes any smartphones really ‘smart’! This new generation of harvester totally ‘Made in France’ can charge or operate any kind of wearables devices with the use of a clean energy source at no cost. So whether at home, in the streets, at Starbucks lounge or at the office, we will never have to charge our cell phone, never run out of power or even to seek an outlet. The RF Energy harvester provides a sufficient level of energy to power or to charge any devices without any interference with the signal from other wireless connected devices.

K3OPS Home Automation

K3OPS Home Automation

Xin Wei said: We live in a society that requires more and more electricity; we are extremely concerned about the environmental impacts that generate the increasing demand and needed to act in order to limit the climate change effects from the growing energy needs. So, to ensure safe and economical supply of power we created the most efficient energy harvester system that recycles all kind of ambient RF to convert it into electricity, delivering a clean renewable green energy source with an infinite life at no cost. On his side, Alexandre Despallieres explained: “Radiation is ubiquitous in our life, our environments are over saturated from 0.2-8GHz in our home, and it will be more along with the growing devices. We cannot control the emissions of radiation but to effective use, for this goal, our devices can change the electromagnetic radiation pollution into valuable that will definitely solve the problem of product’s endurance and space layout perfectly.”

Jun Yuan, join the two creators last summer to play an important role in Artificial Intelligent. The creator of Uurobot made the change in robotic and still wants to improve product that can make the difference especially in Home Energy management. Jun Yuan said:  “The intelligent terminal of K3OPS is completely out of power cord and battery. The unique ID and the accession of nodes make the information exchange stable & effective, and lay the foundation for the holistic intelligent control.” In charge of the distribution of this breakthrough technology, Amir Saindou will apply the cardinal rule of the company:  at K3OPS the clients deserve the best quality at the best price.

In term of specification, all K3OPS products use Multilayer antenna network system and multispectral scanning includes all the radiation frequency in people’s life. Scanning all kinds of frequency in the environment in real time and selecting the best radiation source to convert it into energy, can avoid the interference to normal communication devices, which won’t affect the normal working of other devices in environment. Stick’N Charge breaks the symmetry of the electric field to meet demands of electron acceleration in special dielectric material and specific radiation environment, achieving high-efficiency percent conversion. K3OPS uses the meta material, which can cause a particular reaction with electromagnetic field, is the coupling of output resistance & load impedance, and can cause the separation of special signal and extraction of low-pass filter & harmonic, ensuring the stability of output voltage and high output power.

The new-generation STICK’N Charge adopts K3OPS radio-frequency energy harvesting technology, using ambient electromagnetic radiation as energy and converting it into electric energy; so that STICK’N Charge can charge or operate appliances whenever and wherever. You can check more information on