We previously shared about K3OPS talking about the topic ‘Africa all connected tomorrow, is it possible? Here are their answers:

Alexandre Despallieres Radio France Internationale avec Charlie Dupiot

Alexandre Despallieres Radio France Internationale avec Charlie Dupiot

First it’s about understanding our monthly expense in term of electricity. Xin Wei demonstrated in this video the tremendous waste of electricity that generates our daily appliances at home. In the video you will see what is the joule effect, even if your transformer is not plug to your computer, you are still throwing money from the windows. Even worst, your lamps on your night stands are draining your wallet the very same way. So please unplug,

In the second video Alexandre Despallieres explain what they do. “We have identified a constant source and we convert this source into DC to power your electronic devices. No need to mention those millions of watts in the air coming from our smartphones, our Wi-Fi, satellites, relay antennas and so on. To remove batteries, because they are not safe and dangerous.


Alexandre Despallieres et Xin Wei les créateurs de STICKnCHARGE et de la technologie  K3OPS étaient les invités de l’émission 7 Milliards de Voisins présentée par la journaliste Charlie Dupiot, en collaboration avec Cécile Lavolot, Charlotte Herzog pour la section ´CestQuoi’. ´Me retrouver dans les studios de Radio France internationale a une signification particulière pour moi !´ à déclaré Xin Wei, ´C’est en écoutant Français Facile sur Radio France internationale que j’ai appris la langue avant de venir faire mes études supérieures de mathématiques en France, un pays de liberté où j’ai élu domicile. Il me reste deux nom à citer, merci à Mathieu Bertolo pour sa patience et heureux d’avoir rencontré Pascal Paradou.´

During the Radio Show, they proposed also solutions, because as they always repeated: “Raising a problem will not solve it, to be efficient, let’s overcome it! If not, it is too much ado about nothing as Shakespeare wrote.” We all are well aware about the situation in Africa, but don’t we also have many problems to solve here, in our opinion, it is time to sit and talk, to listen to the real needs of our customers and to deliver the best. Let’s face it, security is totally missing in internet, so now we have an opportunity, we can reconsider the architecture of the web by improving our very old and malicious protocols. Let’s build systems logic architecture to the writing software phase, in order to permit better encryption for important and sensitive data. Delivering better code would ensure a better security for users, we can’t let hackers penetrate our privacy attacking through the Internet of Things.