With almost 120,000 fans on Facebook, thousands of Retweets on their Twitter account and not to mention their YouTube videos, more than 500,000 views for the latest one, this makes K3OPS extremely valuable and place the two creators in the center of all the attention. The size of the market that the company is going to reach is way beyond imagination; simply the battery market would give you a headache!

K3OPS - Alexandre Despallieres - Xin Wei

K3OPS – Alexandre Despallieres – Xin Wei

Every year more than 45 billion of regular batteries are sold, and the button cells higher the amount with about 30 billion units more. Just do the math: 75 billion is the projection that anyone could easily do with K3OPS batteries look-like. Awarded in the top ten invention by in Compliance, Magazine with news for electrical engineers, Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei are solicited every day. They yesterday announced on their social network that they will be speakers at the (ATP) AFRICA TELECOM PEOPLE to be held October the 6th and 7th 2016 at the Hotel Sofitel in Abidjan.

Initiated by the specialized magazine RESEAU TELECOM NETWORK, the International forum Africa Telecom People (ATP) plays a key role in promoting the Telecommunications sector by facilitating access to new technologies in Africa. This major event recorded nearly 5,000 participants, hosted renowned speakers and the most senior leaders in the world of new technologies. Thanks to the ATP Executive Producer Mr. Oswald LOUEKE, Mr. Serge Patrick SERY, Ms Estelle GBOHOU, the exhibition has acquired through the years a tremendous reputation and the trust of the biggest telecommunications players worldwide.

From renowned keynote speakers to the new technologies’ world leaders, this event recorded nearly 5,000 participants and it’s now official, K3OPS will join the 12th edition and if you want to meet in person Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei, the masterminds that will definitely change the way we power our IoT: just attend the convention.