There is no doubt that the employee monitoring is crucial to track and boost the productivity of workers. The employers across the world have been taking support of different tools and tactics to supervise their work-forces. It helps them prevent their workers from unproductive activities during the working hours. This article discusses about the most advanced employee monitoring tool that enables employers to supervise use of company-owned Windows computers without accessing them. It is very crucial to use a work time tracker to improve the productivity of employees.The IT monitoring software from websites like lets you know how you workers are using their systems. Read on to know about the usefulness of this technology in employee monitoring.

Windows Spy Software – Installation and Working

The spy software for Windows computers enables employers to closely watch out the online and offline activities of their workers without accessing their computer devices. When you are away from the workstation, the spy software lets you supervise your working staff by tracking their computers. You only need to install the spy app on the company-owned computers and the app will provide you access to the data stored on all those systems. It would also enable you to turn on cameras of monitored laptop computers to see the surroundings. The computer spy software comes with a web portal or online control panel through which the employers can monitor and control the monitored computer devices.

Monitor Real-Time Activities

The employee monitoring software lets you capture real-time activities of your workers. With a remote command sent via web portal of the spyware, you can see and record screen of the monitored computer. It lets you see whatever appears on the screen. With the screen recording or screenshots, you can keep an eye on your worker’s performance and track work progress. Also, it lets you know if your worker is involved in unproductive activities like playing games, watching videos or chatting with online fellows through social media.

Supervise Internet Usage

In this digital age, we cannot imagine a workplace without facility of the internet. However, the supervision of the internet use of workers is also crucial. The internet can negatively influence the productivity of workers when used unrestricted and unmanaged. The spyware solution for Windows computers allows supervising and managing the internet use of workers.

You can access the internet browsing history of monitored computers to know which websites are being visited by your employees. It lets you evaluate the internet use of your workforce even when the browsing history is deleted from the original device. If you find your workers giving more time to personal social media accounts, you can block their access to Facebook and all other social networking sites with the help of website filtering.

Combat Hacking by Monitoring Phishing Emails

Most of the data breach incidents occur due to the negligence of employees. They are likely to respond to phishing emails that are sent by hackers to grab confidential data stored on the computer. The monitoring software for windows computers allows employers to supervise all emails received and sent by their workers. It helps prevent data breach and unauthorized data transfer.

Track Passwords and Credentials

The windows tracker program lets you monitor confidential credentials. You can access passwords, usernames and email addresses put on the company-owned computers.The spy app automatically records keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the monitored device. These keystrokes can be accessed through the online portal of the tracker app. It lets you identify if any false activity is conducted through the official online accounts of the company.

Track GPS Location

The high-tech Windows spy software does not only allow tracking workers inside the workstation but it also facilitate monitoring of remote workers. You can supervise the sales team and marketing staff by tracking their GPS location. If they are accompanied with the company-owned laptop devices or gadgets, you can find out their current GPS location, route map and detail of all visits.

The Bottom Line

The advanced computer spy software provides great support to businesspersons in keeping their workers under surveillance. However, the selection of a reliable employee monitoring software really matters. The spy software like TheOneSpy provides complete monitoring solution to allow employers to supervise use of company-owned Windows and Mac desktop and laptop computers.