The article writing is not a free online game. A writer will have to keep in mind 100things to apply. You can write a 300 words count short range article with a minute or less. However, you can’t claim that this will be in the top 10obtaining higher ROI.You need to be a researcher with massive eagerness to curate the information for giving a shape to the content finally.Side by side, you must be an expert in SEO domain to optimize the level of the content writing to expect the higher SERP rates. This article works as a free guide for beginners to learn basics of how to compose a piece  of content for better visibility with immense scope of receiving tons of web traffic.

Write the Resource Box with 2 Backlinks to Hit Your Website

If readers do not get your article in the directory or on Google, they will go to other writers to check their articles. Though you are much better than others,you will not lure your readers.For making a good impression on site viewers to read the content, format a resource box with a personal brief-up to introduce yourself as a writer.

This is a short profile which tells people about the writer writing this article.In the resource arena, upload your photo (possible measurement – thumbnail size).  Post your content in specific domain/category, and2 backlinks to find your site for article reading.

Put the Article On the Directory Online to Engage Customers

After fixing keywords, and formatting the content with excellent hyperlinks etc, put it on an online directory. The benefit is that searchers will pick up your content for uploading it on their websites. They will have to make a resource box using your backlinks to re-visit your site.Online viewers will check your articles and try to pay visit to your original site.So, it is helpful for your website to have striking ROI gradually.

Your Article Should Be Keyword Loaded

Keywords with hyperlinks build up the  content authority. If you are an experienced qualitative writer, you must have authority over readers.To make a success,you have to be meticulous and professional to configure your article with a set of main keywords plus the hyperlinks for direction.Readers feel that your content is not delinked but it gets in touch with the research papers/academic write-ups and documents. They will go to that site to test information compared to your own created write-up. The keywords and hyperlinks placed in tandem bring leads to convert. Secondly, maintain the content management without breaking the flow in-between.

Use Multiple Parameters for High Ranking Articles

The last submission must not take you to the hell in the long run.Therefore, from the start, you should be dedicated and committed to complete different processes for the sake of content quality without plagiarized components. Innovative content writers use the online writing resources like plagiarism checkers,content screening to detect spun content, and Grammarly software for correcting syntactical mistakes. Besides, you have to do proper content checking independently to track machine language.Remember that only high quality informative articles can boost up your ROI pulling up the article from do-not follow to do-follow Google list.

Follow Common Rules

90 percent of online content writers overlook simple rules to follow.They write haphazardly and therefore often their hard works go in astray.Choose the topic first. Then give a title fitted to the topic.For excellent SEO, hire the expert who will add the hyperlinks,keywords, meta tags to your article in a proper way.The keywords must be unique, and well-tested to accelerate the ranks on SERPs.

Last but not least, the simple math is that your article is designed with an intro, body of content and call to action. The content is not crippled with numerous jargons and obsolete hackneyed terms.It will be a nice piece of content in MLA/APA or Harvard format.Now it is ready for publication for increasing the viewership.