LG G Watch Android wear

Soon after Google’s Android Wear Announcement, Motorola Showed off its Moto 360. Now LG has also come up its own smartwatch called as LG G Watch. LG says that G Watch will be available by Q2 2014.

As you can see in the image above G Watch will have rectangular body. The design of G Watch looks very similar to pebble watch and Sony watches. It features an LCD Touchscreen. The G Watch shows time on left side and Google now option on right side. The device in the image above also shows flight schedule in the bottom.

LG G Watch will be tightly integrated with Google now, user can ask queries using Google Now, The LG G Watch will focus on voice commands and will work with various Android SmartPhones.

G Watch will also take care of health and fitness. It will help in reaching exercise goals. It will help user send messages, email, make reservations and many more using voice commands.

The LG G Watch will be available from Q2 2014. It Specifications and pricing is not revealed.

What do you think of Smartwatch market?