LG after releasing its flagship G2, is preparing its next flagship model G3, it was expected that it might sport a octa core processor, but there was no details about it. But now Benchmark website Antutu, spotted a new device having octa core SoC codenamed LG Odin. LG may use this processor in its next device G3.

The results are good, It’s quite on par with Samsung’s octa-core Exynos chipset. This means that Odin is not a true octa-core and essentially at a time only a group of four cores will do the hard work, while the other four ensure that the battery performs efficiently.


AnTuTu benchmark results revealed that the Odin was clocked at 1GHz, which means that the processor functions well at low speeds and will only get better when the speed is increased.


Graphical performance is expected to good, Gamers will also be happy to hear that the processor is paired with the latest Power VR Series 6 GPU, which means that performance will be optimum. So G3 will great in terms of gaming, will sport a octa-core processor.