There is no way around it, we have to communicate to survive, and to do this the task needs to, ideally, be done as effectively and efficiently as possible. You may think that it is all about words, speeches, and listening to lectures, but in fact, there is a language of communication that is silent.

It may be a look that is filled with a thousand words or a gesture that could mean the difference between a decision or continuous searching, either way for it to be executed there are methods and techniques that need to be learned.

Can these be studied at University or college, is there a book out there that offers a step-by-step guide on how best to get the message across, or is it simply a hands-on experience type of effort that is edited and evolved as you age? Who knew that the world of communication or even considering how to do it better could be so complex?

Say what you mean.

Too often when we rush or try to summarize what we want to say there can be a level of miscommunication, and this is especially dangerous when it is a wife telling a husband things that should be written on the grocery list but he is adamant he will remember. Yikes.

So how can we make better sentences through effective communication? There are a few key factors involved that will help guide and essentially train you to be a better speaker and at the end of the day a better communicator, let’s take a look at what a few of those are.

  • Yes, you heard correct, in this case, you are not the one speaking in this practice of communicating and a priority in effective communication is to hear. Let the other person finish what they have to say, then take a moment to give your reply rather than interrupting mid-way and giving an opinion.
  • Be present. The last thing anyone wants is to see the people that they are presenting to or chatting to, being fidgety. It is not only annoying for the person at the front of the room, but it shows that you are distracted, trying to find out what else is going on around the room and your focus is elsewhere. Besides this is just rude manners if you ask me. Concentrate (even if it is boring) on the conversation at hand.

There are many opinions, advice, and theories on how to be at the top of your game when it comes to communicating, take a moment to read here for a few quick tips on habit changes that could be the answer you have been looking for.

  • You may not realize you are doing it but more times than not people talk and listen yet have 2 individual conversations instead of engaging and interacting with the other person. A conversation is a two-way street and if you are not on the same page you can end up speaking at the person instead of with them.
  • In some situations practice makes perfect and doing the same thing over a hundred times will payoff in the long run, but not if you are saying the same thing over and over again just to make a point. Try to present the message in a variety of ways to keep the person’s interest in the conversation but still with the main objective of getting the message across.
  • This was not a point I had initially considered but having spent some time with a school teacher friend I immediately noticed the importance of intonation and expression in maintaining attention. The way we say something is just as important as what we say.
  • It’s not me it’s you. Let them have their moment, as empathetic as you want to be, let your friends vent, unravel, and simply support them as they work through the situation. No one wants to hear how bad someone else’s issues are when all you need is a shoulder to lean on and an ear to hear.

The list could go onbut as a basis to work off of these points will give you a pretty good head start in the world of saying things more clearly and professionally too. Take a moment to read through them a couple of times, make notes of the ones that stand out to you that you know you do but didn’t realize its effects, and think of positives ways on how you can make a change for the better.

At the end of the day, you want to connect with the audience, trim the information to only the relevant points, and above all else, be honest. People read dishonesty and ignorance a mile away and this could lose you the chance to bond with the crowd and be heard.

More information.

A quick, simple, and highly effective means of keeping the conversation going and a good way to show invested interest is to ask open-ended questions. Rather than the generic versions which result in an easy yes or no answer and that essentially sever the discussion, this way you look and sound part of the team and you get extra information. Win-win.

This also doesn’t mean that you now have the opportunity to answer with a 20-minute response, nobody wants to listen or wait that long to get involved again, be brief and to the point, and then listen.

Working as a team.

There are two types of people in the world, those that excel individually and those who work better being part of a group or team. Because the individuals tailor and tweak their methods to best suit their needs we will focus more on the latter point and how to work together with others in the best way.

If you are running a business and a department division of that is done remotely then you will know all too well how important it is to have a smooth and speedy system in place to get the job done. You may think it has to do with the right staff, or the most qualified professionals hired for their expertise and to a degree those are vital, but if your operating system is lackluster because you were too tight to invest in a quality setup your company will be going downhill before you know it.

Employees need the ability to keep working no matter where in the world they might be. It could be a last-minute business trip and they need to be in the loop of any changes to projects while on the go.

With a platform specially designed for these types of situations, you will not only kill two birds with one stone as they embark on closing the deal abroad yet managing and maintaining a handle on assignments back home. You need help from professionals in the industry such as G12 Com who not only create, design, and deliver a package tailored to your needs, but who have the customer service to understand that business efficiency is key to success.

Think about your budget and what you are willing to spend to get the job done right the first time around. Call a team meeting and discuss points that could be better managed or changed, and what they feel will make the work environment that much more enjoyable but also increase work performance.

It is no secret that those who have hands-on experience are the best to give tips and advice on what could or couldn’t work, rather than the big boss who only ever sits in his sky-high office signing endless documents and has no idea what works and which methods are preferred.

Equipment to elevate your performance.

When selecting the right company to install a communications system in the office do you simply go with the first result in the search engine and be done with it, or is there more to it? You want it done correctly, so how do you decide which firm will deliver on their promise, keep reading for a few pointers to keep you on track.

Most brands opt to work and support local businesses, this way the community can grow together as a whole and you never know who you might need in the future, building relationships is an integral part of the business.

Hiring a firm that is in the area and that is well-known will only work to your advantage. They are close enough to respond quickly if you have an emergency, but you are also near enough to ‘rock-up’ at their premises unannounced should you not get hold of someone on the phone.

The company should come and assess the area and offices that need wiring and installations, this way they cater to your specific needs rather than selling you a generic ‘one size fits all’ package that usually ends up causing you a headache, and you end up having to find another company to come and fix the mess.

Don’t let them steer you to the cheapest model either, it may seem like you are saving money now, but if you intend on your brand growing and expanding, so will the need for a larger more robust system.

It is better to invest now than trying to scramble around when things are manic, and any delayed or lost custom due to technical difficulties and hitches will have a negative long-term effect.

In a nutshell, you want a service provider that is ready and willing to commit to a long-term relationship, that is reputable in their quality of customer care, and who isn’t going to drop you last-minute if something goes sour. Careful research and homework in combination with these notes will be sure to get you the most suitable installation.

A system for you.

The latest in technology (and isn’t it constantly evolving quicker than we can keep track of) and the most sought-after system is known as a Cloud system. You can click this link to better familiarize yourself with a more in-depth explanation of the processes and capabilities, but essentially it is a program that offers computing system operations such as data storage, networking, and software servers over the internet (the cloud).

Companies use this because it significantly cuts costs while still maintaining the same number of users, in most cases the employees. Everyone is on one platform and can easily access or send information, and it has a higher speed capacity so you don’t need to make a shift rotation schedule to regulate how many users can be online at any one given time.

It is also by far the greatest, if not the best, system for reliability. Data recovery can be downloaded from a mirrored company site using the clouds network provider and with many of the functions and tasks done online IT engineers now have more time to focus on the more important exercises.

This lead to overall improved work performance, and if everything goes according to plan an increase in sales and revenue is the ultimate goal of every business owner.

Thought round up.

Employees work hard when they feel appreciated and happy, if they are constantly struggling with an outdated and vintage communication system their frustrations will begin to build and it will only be a matter of time before the lid explodes.

There is an old saying in business that the successful CEOs always refer back to, and that is ‘you have to spend money to make money.’ Simple.

Like with anything else, if you put in the work and effort you will reap the rewards and in this case, it’s your staff being willing and happy to come to work every day and do their job to the best of their abilities. Just remember that without them the operation cannot run or function effectively no matter how much money you make, you can’t do it on your own. You are a team at the end of the day.