Stellar Pheonix Photo RecoveryWindows 7 is one of the best Operating Systems released by Microsoft that has so many advanced and efficient features. Apart from speedy working and secure environment, this tool provides some interesting features for image viewing and editing. Therefore, Windows 7 users generally enjoy working with their invaluable image files. People click photos with their camera and transfer them to their PC for editing and sharing with their family and friends through the Internet. However, this reliable Operating System (OS) does not have any feature to recover permanently deleted image files or image files that are deleted accidentally from its ‘Recycle Bin’.

In cases where you lose your invaluable image files of which you do not have backup, use of a professional photo recovery software is recommended. There are various commercial tools for recovering the lost or deleted photos available online, but not all of them support Windows 7. Therefore, it is suggested to make sure that your tool supports Windows 7. An efficient professional tool for photo recovery supports almost all digital cameras, memory cards, and internal or external hard drives of computer. The simple, intuitive user interface of an efficient tool makes it possible to perform the recovery of lost or deleted image files easily without much effort. Click to see how

Despite the support for Windows 7 and easy features of photo recovery, it is many times seen that people complain about the reliability of photo recovery tools. Sometimes, people say that their photo recovery software does not perform complete recovery or fails to recover all the deleted or lost photos. Well, this happens when the user does not observe precaution meant for performing successful recovery. Users should stop using their device on which they encountered the photo loss. Using such devices even after the loss overwrites the deleted files. Since an overwritten file cannot be recovered even by the most efficient photo recovery tool, the user complains about the inefficiency of these recovery software.

However, you may think that how a photo, which is deleted completely, can be overwritten. Well, a deleted or formatted photo does not go anywhere; instead, it remains at its space, but the marker associated with it gets deleted when you delete it. Removal of marker makes this deleted photo inaccessible by the OS, and hence you cannot see it. In such case, when you save a new file to your system, you can easily overwrite the deleted image, and hence can lose it forever. Therefore, for successful recovery of your files, it is said to be very careful and stop using your affected device completely.

Observe the above precaution after encountering photo loss and go for an efficient tool that is compatible with Windows 7 system to ensure the successful recovery of your lost, deleted, or formatted photo files.

You need to follow the below mentioned steps to Recover Lost Photos in Windows 7.

  1. Install ‘Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery’ software on your system
  2. You will See three options on your screen: ‘Recover Photo, Audio, & Video’, ‘Create Image’, and ‘Resume Recovery’.
  3. Just click on ‘Recover Photo, Audio, & Video’ button to recover your deleted photos and other multimedia files.
  4. In the next screen, select the drive from which you want to recover the photos. If you are connecting your memory card to your system, then you can find it under the ‘Physical Drive’ option. Click on the ‘Refresh Drive’ option if it doesn’t appear in “physical drive” option.
  5. Select the desired drive and click the ‘Scan Now’ button on the bottom right corner..
  6. In the ‘File List’ option, chose the file type. Here, you select photo and then the desired file type for recovery. Click ‘Scan Now’ button on the bottom right side of the screen.
    Stellar Pheonix Photo Recovery
  7. After that, the scanning process starts and is shown with the help of a progress bar.
  8.  Once the scanning finishes, the screen shows a list of files which can be recovered. Here you can select any file and see its preview there itself.
    Stellar Pheonix
  9. Select any chosen file to recover and click on the ‘Recover’ option.
  10. Lastly, mention a location to save your files.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery costs $39 for premium version while it costs $49.99 for Platinum version. Platinum version comes with more functionality.

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