Microsoft Cortana images leaked

Microsoft Personal digital assistant Cortana is about to release with Windows Phone 8.1. But leaks are giving us a nice look about Cortana. Couple of days back Images of Cortana was leaked. Now in a Purported video, it is shown in action. The video is leaked by UnleashthePhones, it matches the previous leaked images. It has a circular animated icon which animates when Cortana is Thinking or answering.

check out the video below

The video shows Cortana in Action. When using for the first time it will ask for login credentials for Microsoft Account. Users has to be logged in order to processes the query. It can be activated by Start screen or can be triggered by pressing search button on device. It works on Question and answer approach. User can ask question and Cortana will answer the questions.

It will be interesting to see that Cortana will give competition to Siri and Google Now or not. It should have great features to give tough competition to its rivals. It is scheduled to release during Build conference on 2-4 April in California.