Ever Since Microsoft launched its Windows Phone OS for smartphones, the company has been struggling to get proper market share. Since Inception, it is facing stiff competition from Android and iOS.

Microsoft Lumia 650Microsoft did acquired Nokia Lumia range of smartphones and renamed it as Microsoft Lumia smartphones. But the company haven’t been able to sell Windows 10 OS based smartphones as well.

Recently you might have not heard about any new Microsoft Lumia being launched. But you might have heard about price cuts on existing Lumia smartphones.

Well the reason for this is that Microsoft is planning to kill Microsoft Lumia lineup once for all. If reports are believed that then the Windows OS range of smartphones will be killed by December.

Microsoft might end production of Lumia smartphones from December, but you might be able to grab the remaining few stocks few months after that.

After killing the Microsoft Lumia range of devices, the company might launch Surface phone. However there is no proof about the upcoming smartphone. There is no word about the OS of new smartphone.

Microsoft Lumia range of smartphone will be killed by December 2016.