Microsoft’s flagship smartphone Microsoft Lumia 950XL has got some great deal in US. The company is offering Buy one and Get One (BOGO) offer with the Lumia 950XL.

Microsoft Lumia 950If you purchase a Microsoft Lumia 950XL in USA then you will get a Lumia 950 for free. The XL is available in US for $649 while the lower end model is priced at $549.

So on purchasing a Lumia 950XL worth $649, you get a Microsoft Lumia 950 worth $549 completely free. That’s some great deal on the Microsoft flagship smartphone.

Microsoft had launched its flagship smartphones last year and looking at hefty price tag, many didn’t considered the Windows 10 smartphones. So Microsoft ended up giving up amazing offer.

As of now both color variants of Microsoft Lumia 950XL are out of stock, yeah the BOGO offer did worked out for the company. The phone might come back in the stock soon.

If you really want to use the Windows 10 based Microsoft Lumia 950XL and want to two smartphones in the price of one, you can consider buying the smartphone.