Microsoft Cortana
Today’s smartphone features personal digital assistant. Apple smartphones feature Siri and Android Smartphones features Google Now. But Microsoft’s Windows Phone powered devices doesn’t have any personal digital assistant. But not anymore Microsoft is about to launch its own personal Assistant called as Cortana. Microsoft will launch Cortana along with long awaited Windows Phone 8.1 update. Microsoft will unveil Windows Phone 8.1 next month.

Now ahead of launch, Microsoft personal digital assistant Cortana images has been leaked, the images come from The Verge. Many photos of Cortana interface and setting options is also leaked by The Verge.

Cortana has been inspired by both Siri and Google Now. Microsoft has added some of new features also. Microsoft Cortana will have circular animated icon. The icon will animate when Cortana is speaking or thinking. It will have voice activation feature much like Apple Siri and Google Now.
Cortana setting leaked
Microsoft Cortana will analyze users email for information like flight schedules, meeting, track package information much similar to Google Now. It will also send push notification for all these. Like Siri it will ask users about how to address all these queries.

Cortana can also call, message users by their name or nick-name after enabling it from settings. One of the important feature of Cortana is to store user information in a Notebook system. It will able to access user location, personal information, contact information, reminders, behavior and more. Users can tap NoteBook to see what information is stored. Cortana will also store user home and work locations.

Microsoft Cortana will also read user email, SMS and if found anything like ‘Meet me at 9am’ then it will ask user to set up remainder.

Along with this new Personal Assistant, Windows Phone 8.1 will feature new Action Center, Background Image on Homescreen and many more. Microsoft is expected to unveil Windows Phone 8.1 during Build Conference on 2-4 April in San Francisco, California.